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  • DC/DC Converters With Linear Regulators
    Linear regulators (or voltage regulators) act as a series variable power resistor when they are connected between an unregulated voltage source and a load. Linear regulators are used to provide voltage stability (regulation) for the load. However do not confuse linear regulators with switching
  • Soft-Start Controller For Switching Power Supplies
    driven by the power supply is capacitive, the problem is exaggerated due to the large transient currents required to charge the capacitive load. In extreme instances, the repeated high stress of start-up can result in catastrophic failures in the driver section, typically, the power MOSFET transistors
  • A Digital Constant Current Power LED Driver
    be operated with an external oscillator The LED current is sampled using a resistor in series circuit to provide a higher operating frequency. with the source of the MOSFET in the buck circuit and A summary of the operating parameters used for amplified using a single op amp. The LED current
  • Designing with HV Microcontrollers
    ). TIPS ‘N TRICKS. IREG_MAX =. - ILOAD_MIN. RSER. As mentioned in the previous section, it is often. necessary to create a variable pass resistance, reduce. EQUATION 4: the variation in load current, or reduce variations in. VUNREG to find a pass resistor’s values that will work for. (VU_MIN - 5.0
  • Brushed DC Motor Fundamentals
    the circuit. tor when it is rotating. Shorting the leads of the motor. inoperable. Pull-down resistors at each of the MOSFET. acts as a load of infinite magnitude bringing the motor
  • - Circuits
    connects to driver circuitry that provides an interface to the switching device or devices at the output. The swithing device is typically a MOS-FET or TRIAC. The followign circuit diagrams show typical block diagrams of triac and FET based SSR circuits: What are general specifications of SSRs
  • Interfacing a TC1047A Analog Output Temperature Sensor to a PICmicro (R) Microcontroller
    . AN938. TC1047A FUNCTIONAL. combining the appropriate P and N junctions, as shown. DESCRIPTION. in Figure 2. A bipolar diode is used for the temperature. measurement because its electrical characteristics are. better than a MOSFET diode. The current and voltage. Creating a Temperature-Sensing Diode
  • High Power IR LED Driver Using the PIC16C781/782
    during the first. lation of the IR LED, resulting in variable length packets. half of the cycle is the same as the peak current flow. of 38 kHz pulses (see Figure 1). Using a modulated. delivered during the second half. In addition, the volt-. carrier frequency gives IR remote controls several. age

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