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  • Next-Generation Applied Computing Solutions For Test & Measurement Applications (.pdf)
    During the past few years, the test and measurement market's requirements for "applied computing" solutions have been steadily evolving toward an increasing emphasis on cost-effective, highly configurable, standards-based solutions, which can be readily adapted for a wide range of specific
  • Smart Computing Article - Step 12: Test Your System
    status lights on the CD-ROM drive and other drives, and the keyboard's lights should flash. If everything is working properly, the computer will display some text on-screen and eventually give a single beep. This indicates the motherboard posted properly, meaning it ran all its self-tests and came
  • ANI-002: Synthesizer Evaluation Board Application Note
    & R32 and connecting the voltage supply directly to test points T3, T4 & T5. The motherboard also features a Trigger Test Point (T6 & T7). This is to allow the switching speed of the unit to be measured. The daughterboard includes decoupling capacitors. The motherboard and daughterboard may
  • Smart Computing Article - Memory, CPU, BIOS & Port Headaches
    The BIOS (Basic Input/Output System) ROM error message comes up after a failed POST (power on self test) attempt, if your BIOS image has been corrupted in some way. "BIOS ROM checksum error --System Halted, Insert Disk " We might as well tackle the tough one first here, folks. This one
  • Computer Power User Article - ASUS SK8N
    , including FireWire 400 and dual-channel memory slots. Speaking of memory, notice that we couldn't stick to the OCZ Dual Channel Series Gold Edition PC4400 memory that graces our test systems in the other motherboard
  • Computer Power User Article - 3.0E GHz Pentium 4 & EPoX EP-4PCA3+
    3.0E GHz Pentium 4 & EPoX EP-4PCA3+ 2004 CPU Special Issue Page(s) 44-45 in print issue Add To My Personal Library 3.0E GHz Pentium 4 & EPoX EP-4PCA3+ We managed to get our 3GHz Prescott up to 3.39GHz on a Biostar motherboard with an Intel 865G chipset. An ABIT board with an Intel 865PE chipset
  • Computer Power User Article - Intel 3.46GHz Pentium 4 Extreme Edition & MSI P4N Diamond
    performance benefits from the new bus, these two processors should help us detect them. Normally, we test a new processor with an Intel 925X-based motherboard before moving on to 925XE and 955X boards. The 925X, however, lacks support for the new 1,066MHz FSB, so we ll need another chipset
  • New ideas run thermal and emission simulations together
    as determined by physical testing. Shielding effectiveness of the 2U server calculated 3m from the enclosure under test. The color contours show a surfacecurrent distribution over the motherboard at 900 MHz. Surface currents and electric-field distribution at 2 GHz. E-field profiles using three additional

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