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  • Next-Generation Applied Computing Solutions For Test & Measurement Applications (.pdf)
    the constraints of motherboard-oriented PC systems.
  • Smart Computing Article - Step 12: Test Your System
    status lights on the CD-ROM drive and other drives, and the keyboard's lights should flash. If everything is working properly, the computer will display some text on-screen and eventually give a single beep. This indicates the motherboard posted properly, meaning it ran all its self-tests and came
  • ANI-002: Synthesizer Evaluation Board Application Note
    & R32 and connecting the voltage supply directly to test points T3, T4 & T5. The motherboard also features a Trigger Test Point (T6 & T7). This is to allow the switching speed of the unit to be measured. The daughterboard includes decoupling capacitors. The motherboard and daughterboard may
  • Computer Power User Article - Integrated vs. AGP
    2004 CPU Special Issue Page(s) 198-201 in print issue Add To My Personal Library Our Tests Compare Built-In Video With Third-Party Cards PC enthusiasts tend to treat integrated video with scorn. They pigeonhole this motherboard function as if it were a meaningless afterthought, as a trademark
  • Smart Computing Article - Memory, CPU, BIOS & Port Headaches
    in particular has caused many a late night and numerous cases of heartburn to be sure. This occurs when you have corrupted your computing system's BIOS image somehow, like with a failed flash attempt, for example. Shorting the jumper on your motherboard for clearing CMOS (complementary metal-oxide semiconductor
  • Computer Power User Article - Abit VT7
    motherboard uses VIA's PT800 chipset, the other went for the PT880, and although these chipsets have similar drivers, the end results you'll see are nothing alike. First up, the Abit VT7, which integrates the PT880 chipset onto a board that has a surprisingly complete spec list for a product
  • Computer Power User Article - Ice Your Baby
    After we installed each cooling device, we let Windows XP Professional idle for 30 minutes. Then we recorded CPU temperatures using Motherboard Monitor and temperature probes connected to a MacPower DigitalDoc. To up the ante, we used CPUBurn to increase the CPU s heat levels for 30 minutes, after
  • Smart Computing Article - Memory
    . Often, you can press a key (such as ESC) to display the testing information. The key will vary among systems, so consult your system documentation for more information. You may be able to add more RAM to your motherboard than the system can support. A motherboard with three DDR SDRAM (double-data

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