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  • A closer look at motion analysis
    CAD, FEA, and motion analysis make a powerful design team. Many industries in the last decade successfully implemented finite-element analysis as a tool for product development. The success of FEA is now being followed by more widely used motion-analysis software. These two numerical tools
  • Motion Made Easy
    Selecting and sizing motion-control systems is a time-consuming task that often requires rigorous number crunching. But a new browser-based software tool helps simplify the process. ), walks motion-control designers through servosystem setup and has in-depth analysis features that eliminate
  • How to Question motion models
    rate, and to extract more information from the analysis, users have assigned what simulation software calls a law -- a formula in Catia kinematic nomenclature that defines motion. In this case, drives the crankshaft at a constant rate. Mechanism.1 is the first part defined. In this case
  • Smarter FEA software unburdens users
    You need not know everything about FEA to successfully run today's analysis software. Edited by Paul J. Dvorak Over the past three decades, FEA developers have automated many complex tasks while adding capability to the software. Mechanical Event Simulation (MES) software from Algor Inc
  • Simulation Helps Improve Valve Trains
    Engineers at DaimlerChrysler once analyzed valve trains with nothing more than old Fortran programs. But 3D dynamic-simulation software now handles the task with features tailor-made for modeling fast-moving, complex mechanical linkages. The old homegrown Fortran modeled valve motions in just one
  • Guidelines for handling contact in simulations
    a chilled shaft expand in a close-tolerance hole. Stresses are calculated in the surrounding material. Surface-to-surface contact in the planetary gears drives the motion of four planet gears about the sun gear. Simulation software automates most of the setup and control of contact analyses
  • How two operating systems boost FEA productivity
    The recent release of an FEA package handles complex simulations, supports more than one operating system, and boosts analysis speed, power, and flexibility. Algor V19 software includes fluid-flow, heat-transfer, static, and Mechanical Event Simulation (MES). The latter combines large-scale motion
  • Introduction
    method or potential theory. QuickField is a window-based, Finite Element Method (FEM) software package that supports Electrostatics, DC and AC conduction, Magnetostatics, AC and Transient Magnetics, Steady State and Transient Heat Transfer and Stress Analysis problem types. Models are created

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