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  • Cameras in ITS - A Constant Evolution
    , an ongoing transition from analog to digital interface cameras is apparent. Increasing resolution and higher frame rate requirements have surpassed analog interface capabilities. Digital interface cameras can offer this level of performance without significant cost increases. A Camera Link or GigE Vision
  • CMOS Cameras Rise to Speed Challenge
    (regions of overexposure) and smear (unwanted stripes) in CCD sensor images. In contrast, the high-speed response and wide dynamic range of CMOS sensors means that bloom and smear are not usually a problem. OLEJunCMOS43-45reprint PRODUCT GUIDE. CMOS cameras rise. to speed challenge. Cameras
  • How Much Intelligence Does a Camera Need? (.pdf)
    , as they are called, this goes even further: they are implemented as DSP or PC cameras and represent complete image processing systems. technical support for CMOS sensors and camera products of Photonfocus. HOME COMPANY PRODUCTS SUPPORT APPLICATIONS SALES
  • Motion Control
    Optics Varioscope. New Drive-In Cinema. Ocean Fliming. Panoramic View. Preston Cinema Motorized Lens. Telescope Motion Control. TV Cameras. Aerospace and Defense. Automatic Window Shade. Compact Servo Motors Power Recon Devices. Electronic Fuel Injection in UAVs. Handheld Explosives Detector
  • CMOS Cameras Control Laser Welding Process (.pdf)
    in productivity and quality. technical support for CMOS sensors and camera products of Photonfocus. HOME COMPANY PRODUCTS SUPPORT APPLICATIONS SALES PARTNERS Automotive Motion Analysis Process Control Quality Control Laser triangulation Measuring
  • Mini Pan/Tilt for HD Cameras (.pdf)
    of feet underground. maxon EC motors overcome extreme conditions. Read Application Note. Mini Pan/Tilt for HD Cameras. With digital television fast approaching, camera manufacturers are flooding the market with new, lightweight units, but few companies are providing the professional equipment that goes
  • High-Speed Videography Using a Dense Camera Array (.pdf)
    We demonstrate a system for capturing multi-thousand frame-per-second (fps) video using a dense array of cheap 30fps CMOS image sensors. A benefit of using a camera array to capture high-speed video is that we can scale to higher speeds by simply adding more cameras. Even at extremely high frame
  • MEMS Motion Sensors, the Solution for Harsh Environments in Defence Applications
    the. effectiveness of conventional projectiles. and makes it difficult in term of logistic. and supply. A major challenge for the. control system is the inertial sensor that. has to operate at full accuracy even after. the extremely harsh launch environment. ./0f9cdfd8-2248-4368-95ad-88c0edc5f123. MEMS Motion

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