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  • Dc motor impersonators
    , during a 2 motor speed increase. The curve duplicates the armature current for a dc motor performing the same operation. The net effect provides dc motor control response for ac induction motors. Synchronous dc motors often top the field in high-performance motor controls. This group of motors includes
  • Understanding Electronic Motor Drives
    drive controls the speed, torque, direction, and resulting horsepower of a motor. Dc drives typically control a shunt-wound dc motor, which has separate armature and field circuits. Ac drives control ac-induction motors and, like their dc counterparts, control speed, torque, and horsepower
  • Motor Technology: Tubular Linear Motors
    to linear conversion mechanism. Eg. ball screw, rack and pinion, toothed belt. This is an extremely efficient motor design. The armature motor coils completely encircle the stator magnets to ensure optimum use of stored energy. All the standard motors operate without any forced cooling. The benefits
  • How to speed up dc motor selection
    show how to quickly calculate torque constant , then match the motor with the best Torque constant versus armature resistance plots illustrate how remains constant with changes in armature resistance and for a given motor size. Although motor 2 is adequate, motor 3 is a better choice because it has
  • Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Control with PIC16
    the transient response in the DC motor - Motor Power Drivers, * With the DC motor you have to add the voltage - Rotor position detection using back EMF drop in the brushes among motor losses sensing * Brush restrictions on reactance voltage of the - Current Monitoring armature constrains the length of core
  • Using Inverter Technology in the Motor Fusing Industry (.pdf)
    difficult, time consuming, and therefore, expensive, but also emitted dangerous lead pollutants into the atmosphere. Furthermore, if a soldered armature's motor stalled or overloaded, there was a chance the solder might remelt and "spit out" contaminating the commutator and damaging the armature's
  • Calculating Stopping Time for Dynamic Braking on DC Drives
    DB WR2 = Total inertia including motor inertia and coupled load inertia (WR2 motor + WR2 load) R = DC motor armature circuit resistance and the resistance of the DB resistors (RArmature + RDB) 4320 = Conversion constant V = CEMF = [E (Applied armature volts) - IR] NOTE: Motor inertia can be found
  • Brazing a carbide ball to a spring [IH]
    To heat a tungsten carbide ball and steel rod that acts as a spring to 1300 ºF (704 ºC) within five seconds for a brazing application to create a part that governs the armature position in a motor

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