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Parts by Number for Motor Armature Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
310025-1 Powell Electronics, Inc. TE Connectivity Not Provided ARMATURE, 115V MOTOR
9207509TFB PLC Radwell Wer Industrial Not Provided 3/4 HP TEFC DC MOTOR, 90VDC ARMATURE, 50
9220018DPB PLC Radwell Emerson Process Management Not Provided 2 HP TEFC DC MOTOR, 180VDC ARMATURE, 50/
9207509TFB PLC Radwell Emerson Not Provided 3/4 HP TEFC DC MOTOR, 90VDC ARMATURE, 50
9215018TFB PLC Radwell Wer Industrial Not Provided 1.5 HP DPG DC MOTOR, 180VDC ARMATURE, 50
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  • Using Inverter Technology in the Motor Fusing Industry (.pdf)
    difficult, time consuming, and therefore, expensive, but also emitted dangerous lead pollutants into the atmosphere. Furthermore, if a soldered armature's motor stalled or overloaded, there was a chance the solder might remelt and "spit out" contaminating the commutator and damaging the armature's
  • RC Model Aircraft Motor Control
    MOSFET PWM. very fast and can easily damage electrical equipment. switch. There is still a missing piece to the motor con-. or cause injury. Power was provided by 8-cell NiCd. trol puzzle. The motor armature is constructed from a. battery packs or a bench supply. The servo control sig-. large coil
  • Brushed DC Motor Fundamentals
    . works, how to drive a BDC motor, and how a drive. circuit can be interfaced to a PIC® microcontroller. The rotor, also called the armature, is made up of one. or more windings. When these windings are energized. PRINCIPLES OF OPERATION. they produce a magnetic field. The magnetic poles of. this rotor
  • DC Motor Application Considerations
    MICROMO offers an extensive line of brush type DC motors ranging from 0.5 mW to 500 Watts in power. Here are some general notes on the application of our DC motors and some general guidelines for care and handling of precision motors. Audible Noise: Audible noise is a concern in some types of motor
  • Brush DC Motor Basics (.pdf)
    ) (Ώ) (A) (Nm/a) (rd/s). The particularity of the ironless DC motor is such as the speed and torque function are linear. The speed being proportional to the. voltage and the torque being proportional to the current. T = k * ( I – I ). (2). O. (Nm) (Nm/A) (A) (A). I: armature current I : no load
  • DC Motor Trouble-Shooting Chart
    guard is contacting the cooling fan. Replace fan guard. Motor is damaged and the armature is rubbing against the magnets. Disassemble motor and see if the armature can be realigned by reassembly. Motor may have to be replaced. Motor has been running, then fails to start. Like Causes: What To Do
  • Empowering Proper Selection of Motor Technology
    . • Audible Noise. Primary sources of audible noise in brush DC motors can include armature imbalance, bearings, and brushes yielding moderate overall noise levels. Primary sources in brushless DC motors include rotor imbalance and bearings for lower overall noise levels. (Noise in both motor types
  • Empowering Proper Selection of Motor Technology
    While there is no shortage of available electric motor technologies, an initial narrowing of. the field for electronics industry applications will often direct atention to several types: permanent magnet (PM) brush-commutated DC servo motors, brushless DC servo motors, and. hybrid stepper motors
  • Motor Calculations
    in either case. Torque – speed curves are generated by plotting motor speed, armature current, mechanical output power, and efficiency as functions of the motor torque. The following discussion will describe the construction of a set of torque – speed curves for a typical DC motor from a series of raw data
  • Sensorless Brushless DC Motor Control with PIC16
    the transient response in the DC motor - Motor Power Drivers, * With the DC motor you have to add the voltage - Rotor position detection using back EMF drop in the brushes among motor losses sensing * Brush restrictions on reactance voltage of the - Current Monitoring armature constrains the length of core