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  • Improved Performance of Motor-Drive Systems by SAW Shaft Torque Feedback
    and the other to compression. The strain varies. Fig. 4(b) shows a dynamic model of the two-inertia. the resonant frequency of the SAW devices, the outputs. mechanical servo-drive system. The transfer functions. of which are connected to an RF coupler. After mixing. from electromagnetic torque to motor speed, and
  • Motors Terms Glossary
    Glossary - Empire Magnetics Inc. Motors That Survive. 5780-B LaBath Avenue. Rohnert Park, CA 94928. Phone: 707-584-2801. Fax: 707-584-3418. Glossary of Terms. Click the first letter of the word you want to look up. F-G. J-K-L. M-N-O. P-Q. U-V-W. X-Y-Z. A. Absolute. AC induction motor. AC
  • Overview of NEC / CEL Optocoupler Products for Motor Control Applications (.pdf)
    . ./63d1b79b-5563-455d-8b62-a29d0bce62fd White PaPer. WP4001. Overview of NEC/CEL Optocoupler Products for. Motor Control Applications. by Van N. Tran. Staff Application Engineer, CEL Opto Semiconductors. Introduction. Direct Drive of MOSFET / IGBT with. Optocoupler Devices: This paper addresses various applications where NEC
  • How to make bearings last in electric motors
    ruined when a motor is used improperly. For example, the deep-groove ball bearings optimized for in-line couplers can overload if motors fitted with them drive a belt pulley. Likewise, motors containing roller bearings for heavy belt loads may prematurely fail when run with an in-line coupler
  • Wedge drives precision elevator
    . "The inclined-plane approach offers superior performance to traditional -axis stages, " says Alan Petersen, Primatics' president. "The PZA offers a lower profile and easy access to all sides of the load. " Using a frameless motor eliminates a motor coupler and external motor, which reduces the table
  • Medical Device Link .
    drive without intervening couplers or counterbalances. In evaluating their overall system-level vibration budgets, system designers also need to take into account the effects of damping actions, both within the motor and throughout the system. When an exciting force is equal or close to one
  • Riveter harnesses inertia
    design for its new Servo Rivet Setter. It uses energy stored in a spinning roller screw, one with more mass than a typical roller screw, to move a plunger/punch that drives rivets. A pushrod connects the screw and plunger and a servomotor turns the screw via a belt drive. The motor produces relatively
  • What to look for in a servocoupling
    improved corrosion resistance and double the torque capacity and stiffness of comparable aluminum parts. However, small drive motors can have trouble accelerating the added mass and inertia. Multiple-beam couplings work best for such light-duty applications as connecting a servomotor to a leadscrew
  • Fundamentals of Servo Motion Control
    simply as a. linear transfer function G(s). Of course, the servo drive will have peak current limits, so this linear. model is not entirely accurate; however, it does provide a reasonable representation for our. analysis. In their most basic form, servo drives receive a voltage command
  • Focusing on Dark Energy
    situations, for example accurately following a velocity curve (aperture control), moving to and holding an absolute position, or following a multi-axial position and velocity curve. The drives used in the PFIP subsystems are maxon motors of the brushless EC series, which can be equipped with gearheads

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  • Counterpoising technique
    ANMERKUNG: The clutch on envelope had to be counterposed to ensure that the drive coupling only a negligible deviation by the balancing introduces, as described in ISO 1940-2.