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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
VFD103B02 Radwell Miki Pulley Drives, Drive DRIVE V-FREQ MOTOR CONTROL 200VAC 50HZ 3AMP
88132001 Radwell Gerber Technology Inc Drives, Drive Cable and Accessories MOTOR PULLEY Y
A6A25014DF0908 Radwell Stock Drive Products Motors/GearBox/Clutch, Gear Box/Clutch Parts PULLEY 2FLANGES W/HUB ALU. BW.354/9MM ID.250IN 14G
A6A320H3708 Radwell Stock Drive Products Motors/GearBox/Clutch, Gear Box/Clutch Parts PULLEY 2FLANGES ALU. 20TOOTH ID-1/4IN 1/2IN BELT
A6C416FS Radwell Stock Drive Products Motors/GearBox/Clutch, Gear Box/Clutch Parts TIMING PULLEY 3/8INCH 16GROOVES

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  • Pulley Conversion -- Value Engineering Replaced Both High-Cost Steel and Plastic with Zinc
    nut and a molded plastic cup. The pulley threads onto the end of drive shaft and has an envelope size of 1-3/8" diameter by 1-1/16" length. The motor drive belt fits between the nut back plate and the attached cup. The groves in the recess match up with those on the belt's underside and power the belt
  • How to make bearings last in electric motors
    ruined when a motor is used improperly. For example, the deep-groove ball bearings optimized for in-line couplers can overload if motors fitted with them drive a belt pulley. Likewise, motors containing roller bearings for heavy belt loads may prematurely fail when run with an in-line coupler
  • Linear Motors Offer Precise Positioning and Highly Dynamic Response for Many Motion-Control Task
    motors are simple. Two main components, the primary containing electromagnets and the secondary either with permanent magnets or magnet-free, drive the moving member. This eliminates servomotors, resolvers, tachometers, couplings, pulleys, timing belts, ball screws and nuts, support bearings
  • Belts
    , belts often provide the best overall combination of design flexibility, low cost and maintenance, ease of drive assembly, and space savings. Disadvantages on some applications may include the need to retension belts periodically to avoid slippage (note: overtensioning can damage bearings on pulley
  • Rolling-ring actuators spool up production, cut costs
    . No more. Jennings now offers take-up reels as an option with the machines. It chose for the traversing portion a rolling-ring linear actuator from Amacoil Inc., Aston, Pa. ( ). The rolling-ring design allows the use of a single, unidirectional motor to drive a simple pulley system. The pulleys
  • Flat Belts
    for the banking industry, copiers, computer disk drives and peripherals, and office equipment. Most of these designs use a wide variety of small multipulley precision drives. Nonstretch endless flat belts also deserve consideration, especially in applications where small pulleys, high speeds (10,000 to 15,000
  • How our Jaw Crusher Works?
    series. The motor drives the belt pulley and the belt pulley drives the eccentric shaft to rotate, and make the moving jar approach and leave the fixed jaw periodically, to crush, rub and grind the materials repeatedly, thus to make the material slower and slower and gradually fall down and finally
  • How VFDs Save Energy
    Variable frequency drives (VFD) are becoming more common place and more widely used in applications. They are capable of varying the output speed of a motor without the need for mechanical pulleys, thus reducing the number of mechanical components and overall maintenance. But the biggest advantage
  • A Change in Speed Control Strategy Ramps up Production for Steel Company
    adjustments. The TSA team decided to upgrade the speed controls by using a variable speed drive (VSD), but they weren't sure how to size the new motor and drive. They also wanted to make sure the upgrade didn't introduce undue complexity to machine operation.
  • A Finer Control of Linear Motion
    less than pull-out torque. refers to the number of pulses/second applied to the motor windings. Pulse rate equals the motor-step rate. is the number of steps the motor takes in 1 sec (sometimes called "steps/second "), determined by the frequency the motor drive produces. is angular rotation produced

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  • Drive solutions
    Leads through the diameter d of the drive roller of the conveying distance from 350 mms this to a number of revolutions of 2,543 rad/s .
  • Transport and storage logistics
    Drive roller .
  • Manual logistics
    Longer roller conveyors require several of these drive rollers on account of the limited drive power (< 100 W).
  • Manual mechanical engineering
    Calibrated chains require the operated drive rollers diameter of which can be selected small but the snagging number must amount at least to 5.
  • Energy management in the motor vehicle
    It must be transmitted over the moment of inertia of the drive roller in connection with an electrical moment of the E machine as consistently as possible to the roller test bench.
  • Vie path manual motor vehicle technology
    It can Umlenk- and tensioning rollers with the drive rollers of secondary aggregates interleaved to be arranged and the growing space at the motor to be filled so very compactly (. Abb. 5.26).