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The use of micrometer-driven ball slide positioners has reduced setup time for centerless grinder guide systems from 10 minutes to 15 seconds, speeding production of guidewires used in medical procedures. The tips of these wires, which travel through blood vessels in procedures such as angioplasty...

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In 1942 he was told that helicopters were going to be the "next big thing" by the former head of Ford Trimotor production, Bill Stout.

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Line-shaft-drive versus individual electric motor drive

Notes on the Troubleshooting and Repair of Compact Disc...
Motor bearing problems Spindle motor problems Spindle motor replacement Unknown spindle platter height when replacing spindle motor

Commentary Leading the Procession: New Insights into Kinesin...
required for molecules example of proteins-as-machines exists than the motor to complete their mechanical cycle, which is 20 ms at proteins, also
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RE: step-motor controller/driver connection
RE: step-motor controller/driver connection Subject: RE: step-motor controller/driver connection


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Head positioning assembly consisting of a voice coil motor and head arms to position the read/write head and servo head over disk tracks.

Ultrasonic Motor Driven Actuator - SIGMA KOKI
PKA Series Ultrasonic Motor Driven Actuator

Smart fluids move into the marketplace - The Industrial...
(John Ginder and Craig Davis, Ford Motor Company)

Custom Slides Engineered For Your Application Custom...
Call our Engineering Staff for assistance 203-778-2727 Micrometer Head Drives: One, two or three axis spring loaded positioning stages with ball or
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