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    operation. In the. optic repeater with RS485 add/drop operation, PROFIBUS devices in a tree topology can be distributed at great. distances from the PLC. This article deals with use of fiber optics in Profibus network. As stated above Profibus is used in large factory automation projects e.g. Auto
  • Fiber Optic Lever Displacement Transducers: Principles, Improvements, & Applications
    ,or thoroughly intermixed array of transmit and receive fibers calibrated in air, water, and motor oil. The inherent simplicity, versatility, and ease of use of the Fiber Optic Lever Displacement Transducer plus its small physical size, its fast response, its non-contact no mass loading, and its E.M.I.
  • Fiber Optic Rotary Joints
    Fiber optic rotary joints (FORJ) are similar in function to electrical slip rings. Essentially, both allow transmission of a signal (optical or electrical) between two aligned cables (or system components),one or both of which is rotating along its axis. These signals can carry video, audio, data
  • Fiber optic temperature solutions for generator and transformer
    . Generator and transformer. Electric motors. Chemical and Petrochemical environments. Semiconductor. Body temperature monitoring. Fiber optic temperature solutions for generator and transformer. Due to the growing demand of energy existing power plants and grids are stretched to their limits. To ensure
  • High Density, Angled Optical Fiber Array and Method
    comprising: placing optical fibers within the housing and securing an optical fiber end within each opening, which fiber end includes an optical axis aligned generally normal to the initial plane of the mask forward face about the opening, and after the fiber end is secured in the opening, lapping
  • OH Emission Spectra of Hybrid Rocket Motors Using
    were acquired by the spectrograph through an armored 400 µm fiber optic. cable, 2 m long, terminated with a UV collimating lens pointing towards the rocket exhaust. The lens was mounted in one end of a black Delrin cylinder 100 mm long having a 6 mm. bore, allowing investigation of 8 mm2 segments
  • Medical Device Link .
    Laser Drills Critical Holes in Blood-Gas Sensor Micromachining technology enables effective processing of acrylic optical fibers. A multiparameter blood-gas monitor system combines fiber optics with specific chemical probes to directly measure blood chemistry and blood gases. The key component
  • Motion Control
    to pulses of light transmitted over fiber optic cable. A fiber optic receiver can then be used to convert the light pulses back to the original electrical signals. Since light is not affected by EMI/RFI and fiber optics allows us to transmit light easily over very long distances, it can

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