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  • Fiber Optic Rotary Joints
    Fiber optic rotary joints (FORJ) are similar in function to electrical slip rings. Essentially, both allow transmission of a signal (optical or electrical) between two aligned cables (or system components),one or both of which is rotating along its axis. These signals can carry video, audio, data
  • OH Emission Spectra of Hybrid Rocket Motors Using
    were acquired by the spectrograph through an armored 400 ┬Ám fiber optic. cable, 2 m long, terminated with a UV collimating lens pointing towards the rocket exhaust. The lens was mounted in one end of a black Delrin cylinder 100 mm long having a 6 mm. bore, allowing investigation of 8 mm2 segments
  • Rocket Case Inspection System
    Design a carriage and slide to translate and rotate rocket. case. Drives for both motions to be air-motors. for explosive prevention. Include fiber optics. illumination into both probes with high intensity light. source providing the necessary illumination.
  • Positioning in nanometers
    to position to fractions of a micron, and nanometer (10-9 m, or 0.001 micron, or 0.000,000,039 in.) requirements are not unusual. They are increasingly common in areas such as biological cell separation, disk-drive manufacturing, and fiber-optic alignment. The need for such positioning has given rise
  • Design of Advanced Servo System for a Registered Can Embossing Machine for the Beverage Industry
    housed within a hexagonal enclosure and placed atop the machine. Also supplied and installed on the actual machine are a touch screen, 24 servo motors, 24 fiber optic sensors, a video-jet printer/encoder, as well as a slip ring assembly.
  • Octane Number
    standards. This method is time and labor intensive, and provides no ability for real time control of production. This note will discuss the use of Guided Wave hardware and software tools for the measurement of Octane number in gasoline using fiber optic-based, Near-Infrared (NIR) spectroscopy. NIR can
  • Integrate and simplify
    Integrated motion control is the next logical step in the rapidly evolving motion-control landscape. The AllenBradley Kinetix 6000 servodrive features a fiber-optic Sercos link. It has a velocity bandwidth greater than 400 Hz and a current-loop bandwidth greater than 1,300 Hz, double
  • Wedge drives precision elevator
    footprint by half. Signals connect through an external cable instead of a connector on the table, letting the PZA fit into tight spaces. The table brings machine designers vertical-positioning capability in a package designed for semiconductor inspection, fiber-optics assembly, and machine-vision

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