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  • Electronic Motor Diagnostics
    the generator and prime mover, through the transmission and distribution system, to the electric motor and driven load. These technologies, for the purpose of this paper, will include motor circuit analysis (MCA), a de-energized test method; and electrical signature analysis (ESA), a more advanced method
  • Virtual Engineering Lab for Motor Testing and Development
    for fully interactive control of actual system hardware. To understand the potential benefits of the VE-LAB, consider one example application: the development of a high-efficiency starter/generator for hybrid electric vehicles. With an induction motor starter/generator connected into the VE-LAB
  • High-Efficiency Operation of an Hybrid Electric Vehicle Starter/Generator Over Road Profiles
    Efficient operation of induction motor starter/alternator systems is an important part of the power-management function that is required in the self-contained vehicular environment. However, the nonlinear dynamics of the induction motor [1], parameter sensitivity to environmental factors, load
  • Motion Control - A shortcut to sizing motors
    Motor constant aids in selecting dc motors in motion-control applications. Brushed and brushless dc motors are a good choice in power sensitive or efficiency craving applications. A lot of times, a dc motor or generator data sheet will include the motor constant K , which is the torque sensitivity
  • Taking the roar out of the crowd: Hybrid Motorcycles
    , front swingarm assembly, and SolidSlot brushless motor/generator in eCycle's concept hybrid. For diehards, there's nothing like the death-rattle of a Harley Davidson. For others, a quiet -- not to mention relatively guilt-free -- ride is
  • Megger-A Stich in Time
    Every electric wire in your plant - whether it's in a motor, generator, cable, switch, transformer, etc. - is carefully covered with some form of electrical insulation. The wire itself is usually copper or aluminum, which is known to be a good conductor of the electric current that powers your
  • The Complete Guide To Electrical Insulation Testing
    WHAT IS "Good" insulation? Every electric wire in your plant - whether it's in a motor, generator, cable, switch, transformer, etc. - is carefully covered with some form of electrical insulation. The wire itself is usually copper or aluminum, which is known to be a good conductor of the electric
  • Solid-State ac Power Sources for Transformer Testing
    High-power electronics can now replace motor-generator sets for testing distribution transformers. * Solid-state ac-power sources combine the variable-frequency and voltage-power sources into a single package. * Tests sets are hardened against impulse events like those caused by lightning-strike
  • Wheel may fly high
    , a flywheel energy system, also known as an electromechanical battery, uses an electric motor to spin a wheel or rotor to store energy. The energy stored in the wheel then drives an electric generator which, in turn, powers an electrical load. The resistance of the load, reflected back to the wheel, gradually
  • Less noise and vibration with foam
    gaskets ensure a proper seal. Dense and semirigid, closed-cell polyethylene creates a housing seal between the motor and the generator, preventing moisture and particles from entering the moving assemblies. Polyethylene used in this application is a special variety. During manufacture, the material
  • Arc-Welded Studs
    , the heat for end welding the studs is from motor-generator or transformer-rectifier supplied dc current passing through an arc from the stud (electrode) to the plate (work). Weld cycle depends on stud diameter and may vary from 0.1 to 1 sec. A high-strength bond is obtained because the full cross-sectional
  • Precautions for Handling Geared Motors
    Do not turn a geared motor by its output shaft when, for example, arranging its position so as to install it. The gearhead will become a speed-increasing mechanism, which will have harmful effects, damaging the gears and other internal parts; and the motor will turn into an electrical generator.
  • Using Regenerative Converter Units to Recover Over Voltage Energy in AC Drive Systems (.pdf)
    Regeneration occurs in an AC variable frequency drive system when the load overhauls the motor. This can occur when trying to decelerate the load, or when some external force causes the motor to overhaul, causing the motor to act like a generator. The energy contained in the rotating equipment
  • Basics of Servomotor Control (.pdf)
    generator (strictly speaking it follows the pulses). In contrast, servomotor operation lags behind the command pulses. 1. Stepper motor (1) Since stepper motor operation is synchronized with the command pulse signals from a pulse generator such as the PCL, they are suitable for precise control

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  • Automotive Mechatronics: Operational and Practical Issues
    A TTR HE transmission arrangement uses the ECE or ICE as the major PES and the E-M/M-E motor generator individually for propelling the different driven- wheel axles.
  • Electrical machines and drives
    … German pumping storage power station Goldisthal in the Vogtland, Thuringia (image 1.2-3), MVA is also installed two large doppeltgespeiste asynchronous machines with dimensioning apparent powers of 340 in the method of construction with vertical shaft by two synchronous- motor generators .