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Parts by Number for Motor Generator Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MX-902T Tequipment.Net Elenco Not Provided Motor & Generator Kit

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  • Considerations for Selecting Littelfuse MOVs and Fuses for Industrial Motor Applications (.pdf)
    itself. Paragraph 20.36.4 of the NEMA motor generator standard MG-1. defines a unit value of surge as: u × V L-L (or, 0.816 × V L-L) For transient. rise times of 0.1 to 0.2 µS, twice the unit value of surge capability is required. on stator windings. When rise times reach 1.2 µS or greater, 4.5 times
  • Technical Reference: Motor Sizing Application Note (.pdf)
    the following. features,. • The ability to model more complex motion profiles, such as sinusoidal motion and S-curve acceleration. • Canned motion profile generators to simplify data entry. • The ability to incorporate loads due to vertical operation and/or external forces acting on the motor
  • Sensored BLDC Motor Control Using dsPIC30F2010
    The dsPIC30F2010 is a 28-pin 16-bit MCU specifically designed for embedded motor control applications. AC Induction Motors (ACIM), Brushless DC (BLDC) and DC are some typical motor types for which the dsPIC30F2010 has been specifically designed. In this application note we discuss how
  • Virtual Engineering Lab for Motor Testing and Development
    for fully interactive control of actual system hardware. To understand the potential benefits of the VE-LAB, consider one example application: the development of a high-efficiency starter/generator for hybrid electric vehicles. With an induction motor starter/generator connected into the VE-LAB
  • Gate Drive Optocouplers for HEV Electric Motor Inverters (.pdf)
    propulsion and as a converter/generator for the battery charging process. White Paper - Optocoupler Capabilities for Hybrid Electric Vehicle Electric Motor Inverter Applications (87 KB)
  • Electronic Motor Diagnostics
    the generator and prime mover, through the transmission and distribution system, to the electric motor and driven load. These technologies, for the purpose of this paper, will include motor circuit analysis (MCA), a de-energized test method; and electrical signature analysis (ESA), a more advanced method
  • Linear Motor Basics
    and Controls: Since there is no mechanical reduction. between the motor and the load, servo response, bandwidth, must be faster. This. includes higher encoder bandwidth and servo update rates. • Force Per Package Size: Linear motors are not compact force generators compared to. a rotary motor
  • Medical Device Link . Advances in Motor Technology for the Medical Industry
    Medical Device & Diagnostic Industry Improvements in motor technology help manufacturers meet the demands of developing state-of-the-art medical devices. Motors have been the most popular means of turning electrical energy into mechanical work for more than 100 years. Since relevant standards were