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  • Wheel may fly high
    /epoxy composites for the flywheel's rotor, low-loss magnets for the bearings, high-speed electric motors and generators for energy conversion, and computer algorithms for motion control. This particular flywheel, enclosed in an aluminum vacuum vessel, consists of a high-speed brushless dc motor, upper
  • Solid-State ac Power Sources for Transformer Testing
    High-power electronics can now replace motor-generator sets for testing distribution transformers. * Solid-state ac-power sources combine the variable-frequency and voltage-power sources into a single package. * Tests sets are hardened against impulse events like those caused by lightning-strike
  • Braking and Regenerative Energy with AC Drives
    What is Regenerative Energy? When a motor turns faster than the commanded speed as set by its AC variable speed drive, the motor in effect acts as a generator. An example of this would be the control of an elevator car as it descends. With the help of gravity, the load will readily lower. In fact
  • Off-Road Electric Drives Gain Traction
    next year, its electric-drive system eliminates the traditional mechanical transmission and reportedly gives the 60,000-lb D7E an unmatched balance of power, efficiency, control, and maneuverability. In essence, a 235-hp Cat C9 diesel engine drives a brushless-ac generator that, in turn, powers motors
  • Mining and Quarrying Applications
    Mining and quarrying often involve extremely large machinery which can put enormous stress on the electrical supply. Constant current control reduces the electrical strain of starting, and soft starters also: Optimise use of the electricity supply in remote or generator set locations. Protect your
  • Hybrid Drives for Construction Equipment
    swing motors. Dana Holding Corp., Off-Highway Products Group, A growing demand for machines that cost less to operate, together with regulatory pressures for lower emissions, are leading construction-equipment manufacturers to electric and hybrid drives over traditional hydraulic and mechanical ones
  • Less noise and vibration with foam
    specific applications. This lets foam improve machinery performance or help equipment meet a variety of health and safety standards. Foam's versatility was key in the design of a generator set that provides emergency and standby power to schools and hospitals. The generator uses several different
  • Riveter harnesses inertia
    , or keys, which engage matching slots running the length of the actuator's front end. A shear pin connects the rod and shaft coupler and breaks if an overload becomes imminent, acting like a fuse and failing before real damage is done. To set a rivet, the motor spins the flywheel to a user-determined

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