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  • Power Factor
    Power Factor (pf) is the ratio of real power to total power. Real, or productive power, is the actual power used in a building, measured in kilowatts (kW). Reactive power generates the magnetic field for inductive loads such as motors, transformers, lighting ballasts, etc. Reactive power
  • Application of Electromechanical Contactors for Power Factor Correction
    Contactors for Power Factor Correction New capacitors place additional demands on contactors to keep power circuits balanced. Ind. Control Div., Eaton Corp. * Electrical power sources supply two types of power to inductive loads: real power in kW and reactive power in VAR. * Power-factor correction
  • Incompatibility of Power Factor Correction Capacitors with AC PWM Drives
    Usage of power factor (P. F.) correction capacitors is commonplace on many induction motors used on constant speed (across-theline) applications. A fixed KVAR (Kilovolt-Amp-Reactance) value of capacitors is sized to counteract the motor's inductive reactance, thereby raising the overall power
  • Selecting DC Motors
    are the same for both brush-type and brushless dc motors. One of these is motor constant, . It is important but widely overlooked. It is used during motor sizing because it is a figure of merit of the motor power-to-torque ratio. is proportional to the ratio of peak torque, is also proportional
  • Dc motor impersonators
    the operation of the power inverter that supplies three-phase ac power to a motor. Two-phase currents are measured and returned to the MCU/DSC along with rotor speed and angular-position information from the encoder/tachometer. This graph shows the transformed value of Iq, the current torque factor
  • Getting to know stepper motors
    Fluid control and metering can often be more precisely handled by using stepper motors. EDITED BY Stephen J. Mraz Stepper-motor-based syringe pumps automatically dispense precisely controlled amounts of medications and solutions. Unlike an injection administered by a doctor that is quick and over
  • A crystal ball for motor controls
    Advances in device-level communications along with dedicated software let intelligent motor-control architectures provide useful information to maximize machine uptime. The E3 and E3 Plus motor-protection relays from Rockwell Automation protect single or three-phase squirrel-cage induction motors
  • AN1106, Power Factor Correction in Power Conversion Applications Using the dsPIC (R) DSC
    on the electric meter at the consumer'sTwo factors that provide a quantitative measure of the location. It performs the actual work such as creatingpower quality in an electrical system are Power Factor heat, light and motion. Working power is expressed in(PF) and Total Harmonic Distortion (THD). The amount

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