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  • Lighting&Sound America Volume 8 Issue 3 March 2011
    … the grid are used to drop larger flying pieces, such as the human chandelier —a spectacular feature … Upstage bars are flown on multiple BT 490 Big Tow winches capable of lifting up to 2 … 44 • March 2011 • Lighting &Sound America … cloths and scenic mountain elements are moved around a curved upstage bar by a motorized tracking system.
  • Lighting&Sound America Volume 8 Issue 7 July 2011
    The lifts are powered by a hydraulic system and are tied into the wagon automation system. These units light up the steps on the wagons, as well as the fascias. We have a 25'-tall chandelier made of Swarovski crystals, which comes in for three songs near … It was motorized using existing house equipment.” .
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  • Lighting&Sound America Volume 8 Issue 9 September 2011
    … Phantom of the Opera; Scott Fisher and his team worked on that production’s falling- chandelier effect. “ 62 • September 2011 • Lighting &Sound America … he adds, “We poured concrete to create a sub- base to put in the three lifts .” We have 145 motorized effects in the show,” adds Gallo. “ .
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