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  • Endoscopy under operating microscope
    Ocular endoscopy realized by a microsurgeon: The endoscopic image is observed through the oculars of the operating... It alternates the entry of the images of the operating microscope or the endoscope by a motorized rail (sliding cart carrying the diverging optics).
  • High Cecal Intubation Rates With a New Computer-Assisted Colonoscope: A Feasibility Study
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  • Child and youth medicine
    ...360, pulmonary insufficiency 352, pulmonary stenosis 352-repolarization 331, rheumatic fever, 360-Steno hauling diene 365-tachycardia... ...endocarditis prophylaxis 359-antibiotics 334, anorexia, coeliac disease 438 endoplasmic reticulum, diseases 577 endoscopy 425-Crohn's disease... ...development, mentally-mental 8, infantile, milestones 7 U2, physical 7 U2 2-8, motorized 7 U2, 8...
  • Self-contained Capsubot Propulsion Mechanism
    A motorized anchoring mechanism for a tethered capsule robot using fibrillar adhesives for interventions in the esophagus. An approach to capsular endoscopy with active motion. Closed-loop tracking control of a pendulum-driven cart -pole underactuated system.
  • Optical Coherence Tomography
    For portability, the system is usually configured as a stand- alone cart (Fig. 42.2a); alternatively, its main components can be integrated as modules into an endoscopy suite or catheterization laboratory (Fig. 42.2b). ...the interferometer passes through a pair of right-angle mirrors mounted on a motorized trans- lation stage...
  • New Technologies in Urology
    Fengerplasty, 23 Fetal cells, 147 Flexible endoscopy , 54, 197, 205, 215, 237 fMRI. ...VR™ , 260, 261, 263 Monocrystalline iron oxide nanoparticles (MIONs), 273 Moore’s law, 49 Motorized endoscopic grasper, 50... ...ureteral catheter insertion, 28–30 defatting of the kidney, 32 docking of the robotic cart , 32 indications for...
  • Evolutions and Future Directions of Surgical Robotics: A Review
    ...a robotic manipulator including three or four six-DOF arms and a video cart which includes camera... This idea firstly appeared from the endoscopy of the GI tract using an endoscopy capsule. The new hybrid locomotion strategy forms from external magnetic guidance and an internal motorized degree of freedom.
  • Internal medicine
    ...bypass, Subklaviastenose 42 carpal-tunnel-syndrome-acromegaly 515-arthritis, rheumatoid 767, Hypothyreose, 537 cart bottom metakarpal joint... ...determination, ascites 416, edemas 268, biliary 411, Ursodeoxycholsäure, computed tomography, 414-electrolytes 414- endoscopy 413-encephalopathy, hepatic... ...261 maggot worm 915-916 gastric-Digestion 344-endoscopy 347-discharge 344-migrating motor complex (MMC) 344...
  • States > Oregon > State > Regulations > Chapter 333 - Oregon Health Authority - Public Health Division > [OAR 333-535] 535 - New Construction and Alterations o...
    ...shall be connected to the emergency electrical system critical branch; one for the motorized bed; and one... (h) Provide duplex outlets for emergency resuscitation carts , connected to the critical branch of the emergency system. ...procedure rooms, stress test areas, cardiac catheterization, out-patient surgeries, special procedure rooms, endoscopy , colonoscopy, bronchoscopy, emergency...
  • Emerging Robotic Platforms for Minimally Invasive Surgery
    The NeoGuide Endoscopy System (NES) (NeoGuide System Inc., now acquired by Intuitive Surgical Inc.) consists of a... A portable cart carrying all the slave components of the system is added for improved positioning of... ...the endoscope as well as the one of the snake-like arms are motorized and controlled by...
  • Ernährungsmedizinische practice
    dilatative 148 cart elia-study 390 caries 56 Karnofsky index 15 carotenoids 280 carrot soup after Maro... ...motility disorders 67, 275 motility disorders of the intestine 274 motivation process 211 motor of, 49 Multikompartmentmodell... ...300, 306 Peritonealkarzinose 324, 351 peritonitis 78, 324, 355 diffuse 318 Percutaneously-endoscopic endoscopy (PEG) 412 Percutaneously...
  • Anesthesia and intensive medicine - Prüfungswissen
    The bleedings in the upper gastrointestinal tract are secured through emergency endoscopy . o c. Palpitation, Steno hauling diene o c. Blutdruckanstieg more sudden o d. Visual impairments, motorized unrest o e. peripheral edema o f.
  • In situ optical biopsy with a confocal microendoscope
    Keywords-Confocal, endoscopy , optical biopsy. The focus control is motorized and can be controlled by pushing a button on the controller. The microscope was mounted on a mobile cart and wheeled to the MRI suite.

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