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  • Fast Steering Mirror Technology: Active Beam
    or. access doors are opened and shut. Internal sources can. be some of the most difficult to accommodate since tra-. ditional vibration isolation is not as easily applied. Figure 1 Fast steering mirrors come in an integrated and compact package. Motorized stages and mirror mounts, active shutters,. 1
  • Active Beam Stabilization Between Optical Tables
    though motorized actuators on the folding mirrors. Switchbox 1. Controller 1. could be used in an automated mode to correct for long-. term drift, the frequency response capabilities needed to. correct for transient errors would be insufficient to. maintain optimized alignment. Replacing the folding
  • Adaptive wavefront correction in two-photon microscopy using coherence-gated wavefront sensing
    TS1a (Tritor 102 SG; Piezosystem, Jena, Germany), motorized translation stage TS1b (MP 285; Sutter Instruments, Novato, CA), blue-green filter F (BG38, 370043; Linos), lens L7 (focal length 2.5 cm, 063021; Linos), photomultiplier tube PMT (R3896; Hamamatsu, Hamamatsu City, Japan), CCD (XC-77; Sony
  • Medical Device Link .
    a final product whose mean value consistently matches the nominal dimension. This result will be reinforced by industry's gradual replacement of conventional mechanical motorized potentiometers with internal static voltage regulators. A precise digital device that eliminates the mechanics, hysteresis
  • Long Scan Autocorrelator
    on the 2nd routing mirror, center the beam on. times are within a few hundred femtoseconds, then rapid. the iris. scanning and quick updates of the autocorrelation trace. can be achieved. In that case the computer controlled. motorized actuator should be installed on the Delay Line. 2 (see Appendix
  • Z-Scan for the Characterization of Transparent Optical Materials
    in addition to the. Figure 2.1 illustrates the z-scan apparatus described in this. nonlinear properties of the material. note. An intense laser beam is sent through a “long” focal. length lens. A “thin” sample is translated through the beam. waist using a motorized translation stage. The beam after. focus
  • Coherent Anti-Stokes Raman Scattering Microspectrometer
    . For. imaging purposes a motorized XYZ stage can be used.9. Alternatively, the routing mirror before the focusing objective. FO can be replaced with an XY galvo scanner. The microscope. objective CO behind the sample, collimates the anti-Stokes. beam. The combination of a Razor Edge short pass filter
  • Focusing on Dark Energy
    CANopen messages transparently. The PFIP has 24 motion axes, 15 of which are motorized. The movements have to be executed smoothly and with high precision at various speeds, in particular at extremely slow speeds. The motion controller has to be able to perform several operations in different

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