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  • The Definitive Guide to GCC
    • m68k-*-linux-gnu - Linux-2.x on Motorola 680x0 .
  • Design, implementation and testing of extended and mixed precisionBLAS
    64 sig. bits Motorola 680x0 -based Apple .
  • A real-time systems course focused on control systems
    To support this the kernel was ported to the Motorola 680X0 architecture and, later on, also to Sun Solaris.
  • Z16C30 |
    Zilog 16C0x Motorola 680x0 system, direct addresses hex) channel hex) channel select LSByte byte transfers.
  • Hard real-time computing systems
    Prom the hardware point of view, each MARS component is a slightly modified standard single-board computer, consisting of a Motorola 680x0 CPU, a Local Area Network Controller for Ethernet (LANCE), a Clock Synchronization Unit (CSU), two RS-232 serial interfaces, and...
  • UCL+P—Defining and Implementing Persistent Common Lisp
    UCL is an implementation of Common Lisp which runs on a variety of platforms (Hewlett- Packard PA-RISC, Motorola 680x0 , Intel 386).
  • Schoonschip '91
    The symbolic manipulation program Schoonschip is being made freely available for a number of computers with Motorola 680x0 cpu’s.
  • A predictive real-time software for robotic application
    This paper presents a new approach for the design and realization of distributed applications in a real-time contest This application is done with the Ada language applied on Motorola 680x0 targets.
  • A comparison of RISC architectures
    The Sparc architecture originated at Sun Microsystems Inc., where most of the products are Motorola 680x0 -based (big-endian byte order).
  • Information technology for engineers and natural scientists 2
    E.g., INTEL 80(X)86 or MOTOROLA 680X0 for these machine instructions exists no norm, only commands in a processor family, is compatible.
    ...elsewhere are the Ethernet Local Area Network (LAN), IEEE Standard 802.3; the Versatile Module European (VME), a printed circuit board and backplane standard; the International Standards Organisation Open Systems Interconnection (ISO�?OSI) model for system design; Motorola 680X0 series micro�?processors (currently the...
    The open system architecture for Base 2000 (and thus for 9LV Mk3) is based on hardware standards using Motorola 680X0 MC CPUs, the VME bus, and protocol standards following the ISO/OSI model.
    Onboard processing will be carried out by a Motorola 680x0 running Ada code, allowing the DRA to load software applications from the laboratories onto the aircraft subsystems.
    It is built around the Motorola 680X0 �?series processor with a VME (virtual�?memory environment) bus architecture.
    To support this philosophy, it incorporates the latest in proven leading-edge technologies such as VME bus structure, Motorola 680X0 processors, RISC processors, UNIX, Vx works and C.