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    Hot Runner Systems - (23 companies)
    ...a machine nozzle into a cavity. Hot runner systems consist of various components, each with specific functions. How a Hot Runner System Works. Hot runners are complex systems because they must keep the plastic moldable at a high and uniform temperature while... Learn More
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    Cold Runner Systems - (7 companies)
    Cold runner systems are used in injection molding machines to convey material from the nozzles to the mold cavity. The material is cooled in the channel between the nozzle and the cavity (the runner) and ejected with the part. Cold runner systems... Learn More
  • Plastic Mold Equipment Design and Fabrication-Image
    Plastic Mold Equipment Design and Fabrication - (79 companies) runner systems and component, and feeders. They produce machines for processes such as injection molding, blow molding, rotational molding, thermoforming, compression molding, and resin transfer molding (RTM). Injection molding machines have... Learn More
  • Hot Runner Controllers-Image
    Hot Runner Controllers - (39 companies)
    Hot runner controllers are specialized temperature controllers that keep specialized injection-mold components at the design temperature in order to keep the mold material flowing. They use several different control techniques. Limit control... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Nut Runners and Nut Drivers-Image
    Nut Runners and Nut Drivers - (88 companies)
    Nut runners and nut drivers are tools used for tightening nuts. By definition, nut drivers are purely mechanical hand tools, while nut runners are pneumatic, electric, or hydraulic power tools. A nut runner; a nut driver. Image credit: Visumatic... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Nut Runner Controllers - (19 companies)
    Nut Runner Controllers Information. Nut runner controllers are matched with nut runners in precision fastening and assembly applications in which torque control is important. Both electric and pneumatic devices are available. Pneumatic nut runner... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Rubber and Elastomer Molding Services - (759 companies) segregate the mold cavity from the runner and injection ports. The liquid rubber flows into a runner in the first plate that feeds the mold cavity through one or several sprues. The runner and sprues help control an even and consistent flow... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Temperature Controllers - (1113 companies)
    ...controllers may be used in a number of heating and cooling applications, including boiler, furnace, hot runner, HVAC, and laboratory control. While the following video is specific to PID controllers discussed below, it gives a good overview... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Industrial Floor Mats - (521 companies) actual drain, or simply air-dry. Entrance mats are designed for the heavy traffic and aesthetic requirements of building entrances. Non-conductive mats resist electrical conductivity. Runners are special mats designed for lengthy halls or walkways... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Cam Followers - (158 companies)
    Cam followers or track rollers are rolling element bearings with either an integral stud or an inseparable inner ring for yoke mounting on a pin or shaft. Search by Specification | Learn More
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Manifolds are common auxiliaries in a plastics injection moulding shop. They are key components of mould water cooling circuits. Their primary function is to route cooling water from the tower or chiller to the water passages in the mould, then collect the warmer water leaving the mould...

...clearance between the flight lands and the barrel wall. This is filled with a thin film of the polymer melt. High screw RPM will destroy the film by shear alone. This degraded material will then gradually mix into the main stream of the melt and be injected into the mould. Certain aspects of screw...

Figure 1: Component featuring a 20-�m2 hole mesh moulded in a fully closed-loop multicavity mould tool. High cavitation moulds have been used for many years to mould plastic medical components in high volumes. Typically, these include hot runner systems, which keep the polymer molten...

...believe that a mould maker must be able to make his own hot-runner system," says Charles Bodenmann, managing director of the Swiss mould company Kebo Formenbau AG. "I feel responsible for the whole thing," he says, noting that his company even produces its own mould frames. The firm which provides...

Technical moulders know that turbulent cooling flow can improve cycle times and help the bottom line. Here are some factors that can inhibit good cooling and also some thoughts on how you can improve your mould cooling results. Viscosity Matters. JavaScript seem to be disabled in your browser. You...

Focus on suppliers of moulding and related contract manufacturing services Turning-stack mould technology is touted as yielding fast turnarounds and cost-efficiencies. The technique involves the use of a centre section that turns vertically during the moulding process. The section contains six...

...always done it this way just the same has in the past. Fact ! You can buy in almost everything to manufacture a mould from hot runner systems to complete bolsters ready made with delivery times of less than 4 weeks. Fact ! Developments in CAD/CAM and machinery have reduced manufacturing time. Fact...

...and introduced the use of pressure sensors in the mould to provide real-time data. By connecting this feedback loop to a hot-runner system and valve gates that open and close, an intelligent system is created. Sequential valve gating results in a more complicated mould, but it provides the process...

...filling when extremely small cross-section runners and high aspect micro features are involved, because the bulk material volume to surface area is small compared with large object moulding. It has been found that rough runner and mould surfaces can under certain circumstances improve mould fill...

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Elmec Heaters: Band Heaters, Heater Manufacturer in india,...
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Hot runner Systems Hot runner Heaters & Bushes

Problems with Hot Runners
Unsuitable hot runner systems usually cause high pressure losses; they should, if used at all, be operated only at very high temperatures.
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An experimental investigation of the effects of hot runner...
A two-cavity mould which can be used for both of the runner systems was designed and produced so as to conduct all experiments on the same mould, and

ALBA Enterprises Inc. hot runner systems, silicon cold runner...
Hot Runner Systems General Overview Nozzles Silicone Cold Runner Systems ALBA Silicone Cold Runner Systems
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Strack Norma
ALBA Hot Runner Systems Custom Manifolds ALBA Cold Runner Systems Quick Knockout Couplers
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EPPM Magazine ? Pronto Hot Runner Systems
Pronto Hot Runner Systems 5 3 Husky Injection Molding Systems supplies hot runners

EPPM Magazine ? Quick Colour Changes on Hot Runner Systems
Quick Colour Changes on Hot Runner Systems

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