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  • Off-The-Shelf Component Prototyping
    Above photo and schematic shows imaging lens prototyped with C-Mount components. A line generating laser is mounted in the assembly for presence detection of pharmaceutical pills on an assembly line. Our extensive lines of integrated optical mounting components make the prototyping of optical
  • Night Vision Technologies
    Control Towers and land based fighting vehicles. Prisms, Mirrors, and Lenses for remote viewing optics in Tanks and land based fighting vehicles. Guidance Systems optics for land based and airborne fighting vehicles. Head up mounted display optics. (HUDS). Micro lenses and specialist filters for optical
  • Optical Dictionary
    angular displacements of a mirror by means of its own collimated light. Automatic power control mode: Laser diode drivers operating in this mode have a photodiode mounted inside the laser diode package. The photodiode generates a feedback signal that allows gauging and adjustment of the current supply