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  • Mouse

    , and the fact that one must make it scurry along a surface. As you move the mouse, the pointer on the display screen moves in the same direction. Mice contain at least one button and sometimes as many as three, which have different functions depending on what program is running. Some mice also include

  • Implementing a Simple Serial Mouse Controller

    The mouse is becoming increasingly popular as a standard pointing data entry device. There is no doubt that the demand for the mouse is increasing. Various kinds of mice can be found in the market, including optical mice, opto-mechanical mice, and their close relative, trackballs. The mouse

  • The Original CTI Industrial Mouse TM (.pdf)

    The CTI Electronics Industrial Mouse TM is the easiest to use and most reliable. sealed pointing device available for use in Industrial, Medical and Food. Preparation applications. Replacing the commercial pointing device without. the need for additional software drivers, the CTI Electronics

  • HCN Channels Are Not Required for Mechanotransduction in Sensory Hair Cells of the Mouse Inner Ear

    examined expression of mRNA that encodes HCN1-4 in sensory epithelia of the mouse inner ear, immunolocalization of HCN subunits 1, 2 and 4, uptake of the transduction channel permeable dye, FM1-43 and electrophysiological measurement of mechanotransduction current. Dye uptake and transduction

  • Case Study: MRI Coil Improvement for Cardiac Imaging in Mice

    It is common knowledge that mice often serve as models for the study of human health conditions and experiments to improve human medical treatments. But most people probably don't consider the accuracy of the experiments themselves, focusing instead on the results to give us confidence

  • A Washable Computer Mouse?

    How "ranking " of design requirements can lead to a good idea Suppose your team is tasked with designing a new computer mouse that has a soft touch to the hand. Crucial decisions up front can help designers downstream create innovative concepts that can result in a market first. To start, marketing

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  • Re: Preventative Maintenance

    When I used to do field service work on automatic gates... then other systems.. They would often be broken and filthy before I arrived.. being somewhat of a neatnik.. I began to dust, use spray cleaner and wipe down the grime from the components and enclosures ..inside and out.... The schema...

  • Re: Trackballs Versus Mice, The Pointer of Choice.

    For those who were brought up using a mouse the paradine shift to using a trackball can be difficult. I know, it took me a little while to get used to it. But now I can't live without it, either for my laptop or my desktop. I even use my own trackball at work. I swap it between my Laptop and the wo...

  • Re: Autocad Text (Table) Export to Excel

    Hi Rorschach, Do you really need Autocad for Hydraulic Schematics? Have you considered E3 from Zuken, it is an electrical, panel, harness, fluid and hydraulic schematic tool. All the options are interlinked. It is an intelligent object orientated - easy to use tool, that will eliminate the problem...

  • Re: Is there a tutorial for Eagle 4.16r2?

    Everyone complains about how Eagle's UI is 'backwards' and so counterintuitive. Eagle started out with a similar design as AutoCAD; command line. People can draw complete schematics as well as board layouts and hardly even touch the mouse. Similar to how some of the guys I work with can draw...

  • Re: Turn Signals Not Working

    Hi, Samantha, I really don't have any further suggestions, but if you go over to Autozone.com and register for an account (it's free, takes about 2 minutes) you can get access to some electrical schematics that may help. Once you have the account you can go to the orange menu bar and mouse over "Re...

  • Re: How to Draw Schematics in Microsoft Word

    Hi TVP45, If you can draw OK in Word, try out any of these sites, or just search for 'schematic drawing, or 'schematic symbols', or 'MS Word Draw function symbols' in Google and click the "images" hyper-link second from left at top of page. Got this direct from the Microsoft site so it...

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  • Zuken Launches Entry-level PCB Design Bundle for $999

    WESTFORD, Mass.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Zuken has launched an entry-level schematic and PCB design bundle as part of the CADSTAR family of products. CADSTAR Essential is a complete schematic and PCB design tool suite that allows PCB designers and engineers to download software, learn the basics and start designing as quickly as possible. Priced at $999, CADSTAR Essential offers a single design environment with a common GUI for core PCB design activities such as schematics, library creation, routing a

  • EPLAN updates Data Portal

    The current 470,000 part data, including schematic macros, geometric dimensions and documents, can now be imported to engineering automatically.

  • Now You Can Outsource PTC-Related Drawing Changes with Locomotive Schematic Update Service from ZTR

    MINNEAPOLIS--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Now you can outsource PTC-related drawing changes with Locomotive Schematic Update Service from ZTR.

  • Found: The Part Of The Mouse Brain That Motivates Exercise

    Lab Mouse Wikimedia Commons A team of researchers has found a part of the brain that controls how motivated mice are to exercise, according to a new study. The researchers created genetically modified mice that lacked neurons in the dorsal medial portion of a region of the brain called the habenula. The major difference was that the mice didn''t like to run on mouse wheels, which normal mice love to do, the researchers reported in a paper they published in the Journal of Neuroscience. "They were physically capable of running, but appeared unmotivated to do it," Eric Turner, the study''s lead scientist and a brain researcher at Seattle Children''s Research Institute, said in a statement. The mice also had "minor" differences in their gait and balance, compared to normal mice. Why mess with mouse habenulas? The team was seeking a target for future antidepressant drugs. They knew that some strong science indicates that exercise can help people with depression. What if a future drug could mimic the emotional effects of exercise on the brain? Of course, there''s a lot of work scientists will have to do before they know whether it''s a good idea to target this brain area for depression. There''s the straightforward issue of checking, with replicating studies, whether this brain region really is responsible for making mice want to exercise. Then scientists will have to see if the analogous region in human brains works similarly. They''ll also want to study whether targeting this brain region improves depression. (What if it just makes you want to exercise, without resolving your depression?) Lastly, it''s always a challenge to design drugs that are safe and effective, even if you''ve got all your targets lined up. "They were physically capable of running, but appeared unmotivated to do it." The lack of running the team documented in the mice may be related to depression, or whatever its murine counterpart might be. The dorsal medial habenula-lacking mice didn''t like sugar water as much as normal mice do, which is a measure of mouse depression. However, dorsal medial habenula-lacking mice did perform the same as normal mice in the forced-swim test, which is another common, if weird, test for hopelessness and depression in mice. The scientists performed one additional set of experiments that indicate the dorsal medial habenula might be a good target for antidepressants. They hooked mice up to a setup that allowed the mice to turn up or turn down their own dorsal medial habenula. (These are different mice from the mice who lacked dorsal medial habenulas altogether, of course.) The brain-controlling mice always chose to turn their dorsal medial habenulas up, suggesting it''s rewarding to do so. Now if only you could ask the mice exactly what that felt like.

  • Over-the-counter pain reliever may restore immune function in old age

    New research involving mice suggests that the key to more youthful immune function might already be in your medicine cabinet. Scientists have shown that macrophages from the lungs of old mice had different responses to Mycobacterium tuberculosis than macrophages from young mice, but these changes were reversed by ibuprofen.

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Indu Mouse more than just a pointing device

Order Now!  InduKey's IP68/NEMA6P-rated  InduMouse,  which is ideally suited for special hygiene requirements. Silicone sealed housings allow for full submersion. Special coatings protect against cleaners and industrial chemicals. The optical InduMouse features scroll buttons for added functionality. Available in white with USB interface.  . Features: Robust full silicone mouse with laser detection. Complete cleanable and sanitizable. can beven immersed into detergents...

Powell Electronics, Inc.
Glenair Series 80 Mighty Mouse Connectors

Series 80 Mighty Mouse Connectors & Cables. The Series 80 Connector was originally developed as a smaller and lighter alternative to D38999 connectors for aerospace applications such as Attack Helicopters and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. Today, the Series 80 "Mighty Mouse" serves in thousands of safety-critical defense, medical, industrial and geo-physical applications. The Series 80 "Mighty Mouse" Connector is supplied in six standard designs: Series 800 Light Duty UN Thread. Series 801 Heavy...