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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
MOV-20D621K Newark / element14 BOURNS Not Provided BOURNS - MOV-20D621K - VARISTOR; 620V; 385VAC; 505VDC; 20MM DISC
MOV-20D181K Newark / element14 BOURNS Not Provided BOURNS - MOV-20D181K - VARISTOR; 180V; 115VAC; 150VDC; 20MM DISC
MOV-14D361K Newark / element14 BOURNS Not Provided BOURNS - MOV-14D361K - VARISTOR; 360V; 230VAC; 300VDC; 14MM DISC
MOV-07D221K Digi-Key Bourns Inc. Circuit Protection VARISTOR 198V 1.2KA DISC 7MM
MOV-10D621K Digi-Key Bourns Inc. Circuit Protection VARISTOR 558V 2.5KA DISC 10MM
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  • Recommendations for Soldering Terminal Leads to MOV Varistor Discs (.pdf)
    series of MOV varistor. of these is recommended for the process-. ity. On the other hand, no varistor should. discs with silver electrodes are specifically. ing of unpassivated varistors. be held longer than necessary at an. designed for custom assembly and packag-. A very repeatable temperature profile
  • Littelfuse Varistors (Connection and Terminology) (.pdf)
    current wave (8µs rise and 20µs to 50% decay of peak value) is used as a standard, based on industry practices, for the characteristics and ratings described. EC641 Connecting Littelfuse MOV TECH. BRIEF. Littelfuse Varistors. (Connection and Terminology). TERMS AND DESCRIPTIONS. SYMBOL. Clamping
  • Designing with Thermally Protected TMOV Varistors in TVSS Applications (.pdf)
    , are often the sources of these over-voltage transients. Under normal operating conditions, the AC line voltage applied to an MOV is not expected to exceed the MOV's Maximum ACRMS Voltage Rating or Maximum Continuous Operating Voltage (MCOV). Occasionally, over-voltage transients may occur
  • Soldering Recommendations for Surface Mount and Multilayer Metal Oxide Varistors (.pdf)
    . MLE, MLN and AUML Series Suppressors which cover a. FIGURE 2. CROSS-SECTION OF THE “CH” SERIES OF. voltage range from 3.5VDC to 120VDC. METAL OXIDE VARISTORS. Metal Oxide Varistors. Multilayer Transient Voltage Suppressors. A metal oxide varistor (MOV) is a nonlinear device which has. All
  • Considerations for Selecting Littelfuse MOVs and Fuses for Industrial Motor Applications (.pdf)
    include medium and heavy motors. Transient over-voltage suppression in these applications typically require Industrial Metal Oxide Varistors (MOVs) for induced lightning surges or for switching transients created by the motor itself.These situations demand that the MOV ratings match the surges found
  • The ABCs of MOVs (.pdf)
    ,. When the above information is available, these charts offer. Multilayer. MLN. basic application guidelines: Leadless Chip. 18. 3-25.0. Automotive Surface. AUML. Mount Leadless Chip. Basics. What is a Littelfuse MOV?. An MOV is a Metal Oxide Varistor. Varistors are voltage. dependent, nonlinear devices
  • 2Pro Protects Low-Power Systems Application Note (.pdf)
    . However, in these applications there also exists the potential for a sustained abnormal overvoltage/limited current condition that may cause the MOV to go into thermal runaway, resulting in overheating or outgassing
  • Silicon is Silicon is Silicon...Not!
    Silicon avalanche suppressor diode (SASD) based surge protection devices (SPDs) provide better performance and longer life than the typical MOV (metal oxide varistor) SPDs. However, significant improvements in performance are available through attention to details of proper design and testing

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