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  • Beams, Joists, and Wall Studs-Image
    Beams, Joists, and Wall Studs - (215 companies)
    ...that are needed. Joists are laid out in parallel and may be supported by larger beams, bearing walls, or steel girders. There are two basic types of joists: floor joists and roof joists. Floor joists are the principal elements in a wooden floor. The flooring... Learn More
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    Room Partitions - (201 companies)
    ...the passage of more noise. STC classes do not, however, account for low-frequency sound transfers from mechanical equipment. Folding Panel Partitions. Folding panel partitions are top-mounted room partitions that slide along a metal track... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Excavating Services - (142 companies)
    Others have earth moving equipment for preparing roadways and the developed property around industrial buildings. Excavating services that offer finish work perform landscaping activities such as building retaining walls, seeding, and mulching... Learn More
  • Earth Moving and Landscaping Machines-Image
    Earth Moving and Landscaping Machines - (795 companies)
    Moving and Landscaping Machines. The GlobalSpec SpecSearch Database contains information for different types of earth moving and landscaping machines. Dozers are powered machines used to push materials. Dozers come in forms that ride on tracks... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Elevators, Escalators, and Moving Walkways - (142 companies)
    ...include top and bottom landings, the truss, the tracks, and the handrail, and the steps. Moving walkways are also available. Much like escalators, moving walkways use a conveyor belt to transport people; however, moving walkways move things horizontally... Learn More
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    Wall Coatings - (120 companies)
    Wall coatings are decorative or protective layers that are applied to a building 's interior or exterior walls. They are viscous enough to avoid running and provide abrasion and environmental resistance. Wall coatings are decorative or protective... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Retaining Walls - (90 companies)
    ...concrete is directly proportional to the retaining wall 's cross-sectional area. Pre-cast concrete walls are also available. With these retaining walls, the concrete is cast in a mold or form, cured in a controlled environment, and then transported... Learn More
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    Earth Moving and Site Development Services - (406 companies)
    ...and utility rock to prepare construction sites for subsequent landscaping and paving activities. Earth moving and site development services can also prepare building lots for water mains, sanitary sewers, storm sewers, and retaining walls. By using soil... Learn More
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    Curtain Walls - (131 companies)
    ...through connections at the floors or columns. Most curtain walls are made with extruded aluminum members. By pushing or drawing a billet of aluminum through a die, curtain wall suppliers can create members with a fixed cross-sectional profile... Learn More
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    Wheel and Track Drives - (13 companies)
    Wheel and track drives are a gearbox, motor and brake assembly which power wheeled or tracked vehicles. Motors can be either electric or hydraulically powered. Wheel and track drives unify a gearbox, motor, and braking mechanism into a compact... Learn More

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