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Mullitic CMC for power engineering: Fraunhofer-Institut für...
Mullitic CMC for power engineering 2008-11-13
See Fraunhofer-Institut für Silicatforschung Information

Multicomponent Hafnia-Based Oxide Systems Developed,...
Right: Multicomponent HfO2-18mol%(Y,Gd,Yb)2O3/rare-earth-doped mullite/HfO2-based thermal and environmental barrier coating systems demonstrated

NASA Technical Memorandum 107418 Advances in Thin Film Sensor...
0 to 930 ?C in six seconds, three cycles pressures to 16 MPa Al2O3 & Mullite flat plate air furnace 1000-1500 ?C, 150 hrs static and cycling test &

Effect of Bond Coat Surface Texture on EB-PVD Microstructure

4.4.2 4.4.2-1 Introduction Protective Coatings for Gas...

Advances in the Development of Silicon Nitride and Other...
Aluminum Remelt Heat ? Mullite, Zircon, Hafnia, Alumina, Zirconia, Exchanger Test, Reynolds Aluminum, Mussel Shoals, AL mullite-alumina-zirconia ?
See Oak Ridge National Laboratory Information

CFCC-11 (6.5-new)-add
Typical mullite and alumina-based coatings, test conditions are 1200?C, 10 atm mullite/YSZ, materials from the NZP total pressure, and 15 vol% water
See Oak Ridge National Laboratory Information

Cyclic and sustained loading behaviors of oxide/oxide...
Abstract: This study investigated an oxide/oxide CMC consisting of Nextel???720 (meta-stable mullite) fibers in alumina matrix, N720/A, with 0??/90??

The structure includes a ceramic matrix composite (CMC) substrate (12). A thermal insulation material (14) is disposed on the substrate.

Method of Forming a Turbine Engine Component Having a Vapor...
No. 6,197,424, describes a gas turbine component fabricated from CMC material and covered by a layer of a dimensionally stable, abradable, ceramic

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