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  • Stack-up and the Basics of Multi-Layer Construction (.pdf)
    to produce a. particular multi-layered printed circuit board. The description of the stack-up can be found on the PCB. fabrication drawing—a drawn cross-section depicting the material and copper thickness of each layer. involved. The stack-up is how the designer tells the manufacturer they way to properly
  • BBG Tech Tip #12: Stack-Ups & the Basics of Multi-Layer Circuit Board Construction
    Tip 12 - brought to you by the Bare Board Group. Stack-up & the Basics of Multi-Layer Construction. The Stack-Up is the specific call out of material thickness and copper weights required to produce a particular multi-. layered printed circuit board. The description of the stack-up can be found
  • Board and packaging headbox technology
    can be placed on the top and bottom sides of the two layers. Compared to multi-ply concepts, more mixing between the two layers leads to better plybonding. Figure 20 shows the design of a MasterJet M2 two-layer headbox in operating and cleaning positions. By opening the whole nozzle area including
  • PCB Repair Station Built on Highly Accurate Gantry Reduces Scrapped Boards
    used to create the board and identified the two traces involved in the short. Then they followed them on the actual board to find where the two wires might be touching. That was not difficult when boards consisted of just a single layer and it was possible to see entire traces by turning the board
  • Micro-Optical Sensor Use in Boundary Layer Flows with Polymers and Bubbles (.pdf)
    their. Multi-location Velocimeter, for on-board. performance. The sensors also performed well in. measurement near surface boundary layer is. full-scale at-sea tests. presented. The instrument consists of three. Recently, we have fabricated a total of 37. individual micro-optical sensors providing flow
  • Efficient use of fluorescent whitening agents
    pigments are effective in all furnish types and in all layers of a multi-layer board. The amount used in shading of white paper or board depends upon the initial brightness of the furnish and on the shade target desired. Normal application would involve shading the white top ply, but in most cases
  • Application Guidelines for Non-Isolated Converters: PWB Layout Considerations (.pdf)
    Non-Isolated POL dc-dc converters are switching buck regulators which require careful layout considerations when designing on to a printed wiring board (PWB). Many applications using these non-isolated dc-dc converters utilize high-density multi-layer circuit boards, and proper component placement
  • Quadsplitter Connectors
    circuit board while merely passing through the board assigned to the other pair. Figure 1 depicts a complete assembly using a MIL-C-38999 Series III size 11 receptacle with the rear cover removed. The twinax attachment is visible. Five layers are used to form the multi layer stripline circuit board