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  • Shock Hugoniot of osmium up to 800 GPa from first principles calculations
    This apparatus is basically a two stage multi -anvil system, with a first stage consisting of a steel cylinder split into six parts enclosing a cubic cavity of dimension ∼20 mm and the second stage which consists of an assembly of eight …
    We have presented both the commonly-studied and much simpler two-dimensional model for a cylinder in an axial magnetic field … … model, which must at each stage be coupled to Maxwell’s … … complexity of the third dimension and a multi -directional magnetic field.
  • Thermodynamical and Mechanical Approach Towards a Variable Valve Train for the Controlled Auto Ignition Combustion Process
    … Tagung “Innovative Fahrzeugantriebe” , Dresden , 2002 6 Pischinger S. , Jené H. , Salber W. , Wolters P. ; Mehrfach-Ventilöffnung - Eine neue Dimension in der variablen Ventilsteuerung … … of a 4-Stroke Multi - Cylinder Gasoline Engine with CAI … … Feasibility Study of Two- stage Hybrid Combustion in Gasoline …
  • Otokar Kaya II Mine Protected Vehicle
    Kaya II Dimensions and weights Crew 2 + 8 Length overall 6.430 253.1 … … Trench Turning radius Engine narrative Mercedes-Benz 7.2-litre, 6 cylinders , turbocharged and intercooled, diesel … … brake discs engine 2- stage , actuated by multi function levers on the …
  • Encyclopedia of Tribology
    Single, two and multi stage stationary reciprocating “crosshead” Bearings and cylinders Premium R&O compressor oil ISO 68–100 Dry conditions. Viscosity depends upon pressure and cylinder dimensions .
  • Physics of Black Holes
    These include the behavior of the threshold mode with d, dispersion relations, the existence of critical dimen- sions and the initial stages of the time evolution (see [90, 91, 100] for details). In the context of this analogue fluid model, [35] discusses a possible, but more specu- lative, relation of the multi -black hole configurations to configurations observed in the time evolution of fluid cylinders .
  • Dynamic equations of a multi-stage isolation system
    Li et al. [5] established dynamic equations of a mass supported by a cylinder ; although the equation is in three dimensions , the isolation system can only be divided into a single- stage isolation system. Liao et al. [6] established a multi -stage isolation system’s dynamic equations, but its isolators were only …
  • Numerical simulation of the cold flow in an axisymmetric non‐compressing engine‐like geometry
    These design e!orts require the prediction of the #ow in multi - dimensions , but experimental techniques based on trial and error methods are time consuming and expensive to do, and moreover information obtained from them is very limited. Therefore, the designers have begun to set great hopes on numerical methods to predict what happens in the engine cylinder , especially in the early stage of design (Bilgin and Durgun, 1995).
  • A regularity and compactness theory for immersed stable minimal hypersurfaces of multiplicity at most 2
    At a key stage of the proof of the excess decay lemma, we use a type of harmonic approximation, where … … whenever the L2-height excess of the hypersurface relative to a hyperplane is small in a cylinder , the hypersurface in a … F. J. Almgren Jr. [Alm83] used a somewhat different class of multi -valued harmonic functions in his work on area minimizing currents of arbitrary dimension and codimension, where harmonic meant Dirichlet energy minimizing.
  • Contributions for investigation of the amplifier transformers
    Of all attempts after the experiences of the available work that are Spulenkapazitfit to reduce the partition the aussiehtsreichste, as soon as a reduction of the linear dimensions of the Wicklungsk6rpers isn't m6glich anymore . An Anniiherung on the case of the most extensive partition stelit also the so-called stage or cone winding out, because has occurred in numerous flat coils or is intended at least an Aufl6sung of the cylindrical coil here.