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  • Measure the Size of Cement Particles using CILAS 930e Particle Size Analyzer (.pdf)
    in liquid or gaseous carrying. media, passes through a monochromatic laser. beam (figure 2). The light is diffracted at different. angles by the particles and is measured using a. multi-channel silicon detector. Using Fraunhofer. and Mie’s theory, CILAS has developed reliable,. precise, and fast algorithms
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    Testing and Inspection Equipment and Service An air-leak tester features new styling that enables users to perform multichannel synchronous and asynchronous testing. Up to four intelligent detector modules can be connected to the control unit for remote programming with up to 16 programs each
  • Using Operating Deflection Shapes to Detect Misalignment in Rotating Equipment
    is used to diagnose shaft misalignment. Tests are performed on a machinery fault simulator under various operating conditions. Operating data is simultaneously acquired using a multi-channel data acquisition system. Since misalignment produces dominant motion at the rotor running speed and its harmonics
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    designer of three instruments that won the R &D 100 Award for being among the 100 most significant technological advances of the year. The awards were given for a miniaturized radiation monitor that clips onto a shirt collar; a portable, battery-operated multichannel analyzer that measures the energy
  • Filter Banks Implemented With Integrated Thin Film Resonators
    Filter banks composed of five or more bandpass filters fabricated on a single die have been demonstrated and are under continuing development. Such filters will find applications in multi-channel radios, spectrum analyzers, and in other frequency control applications. Fabrication of ladder bandpass
  • Design and Development of Medical Electronic Instrumentation
    , arbitrary signal. generation, and volume conductor experiments. Projects include a general-purpose signal. generator, direct-digital-synthesis sine generator, two-channel digital arbitrary waveform. generator, multichannel analog arbitrary signal source, cardiac simulator for pacemaker. testing, and how
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    with different flow rates are also available. KNF Neuberger Inc., 2 Black Forest Rd., Trenton, NJ 08691-1810. Dispensing system A multichannel dispensing system uses a single motor drive to control multiple fluid channels. The Multiplex dispensing system is digitally programmable for dispense rate
    . • Linear spectra (FFTs). frequency domain functions that are computed from acquired. • Auto power spectra (APS’s). time signals. Using a modern multi-channel FFT analyzer,. • Cross power spectra (XPS’s). the vibration response of a machine is measured for multiple. • FRFs (Frequency Response Functions

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