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Parts by Number for Multilayer PCB Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
PCB500708 ASAP Semiconductor SUNTAK MULTILAYER PCB CO Not Provided T-Metro-XG ACPS PFC
PCB/T18DSI/DO.EMIL2LITE/MULTILAYER National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
0.MULTI LAYER PCB */ ASAP Semiconductor GOLD Not Provided Not Provided
08518002 PLC Radwell Honeywell Controls & Indicators, CPU/Control Board PCB SERIAL CONTROLLER BOARD MULTIBUS MULTILAYER-4
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  • Proper Stack-Up in a Multilayer PCB to Reduce Noise Coupling and Improve EMI
    PCBs.4,5. –60. S 21. On modern high performance digi-. –80. tal circuits, the energy increases and. –1000. 0.4. 0.8. 1.2. 1.6. 2.0. is provided by PWR planes embed-. FREQUENCY (GHz). ded in the multilayer structure of the. PCB. These PWR planes can induce. s Fig. 2 S21 correlation between measured. noise
  • PTFE And Hybrid Multilayer Bonding And Fabrication
    , to decrease overall printed circuit board (PCB) size. Third to provide additional thermal paths and increase the rigidity of the final assembly. There are basically two types of PTFE multilayers. One is an all PTFE substrate multilayer board (MLB) which is typically bonded with a low dielectric constant
  • Multilayer Lamination Methods for PTFE-Based PCBs
    Board designers are continually looking for ways to save weight and space in their applications and are moving toward higher count multilayer designs to solve these issues. Historically, PTFE multilayer designs have limited the number of layers within the design due to the ability of board shops
  • Using Multilayer Baluns to Improve ADC Performance (.pdf)
    This application note explains the use of Anaren's multilayer balun (BD0205F5050AHF) in conjunction with Analog Devices AD9640 integrated dual 14-bit, 80/105/125/150 MSPS analog to digital converter. The AD9640 ADC (Analog to Digital Converter) operates up to a 125 MSPS conversion rate
  • Cooling High-Density Open-Fram DC/DC Converters
    manufacturer rely on a forced-air cooling of the individual power components within the system. Improved component characteristics and new manufacturing techniques such as lower RON MOSFETs and multilayer PCBs made it possible to design more efficient converters and allowed manufacturers to achieve higher
  • FlexiCap TM - Reducing Mechanical Cracking on PCBs
    Multilayer ceramic chip capacitors are renowned for their reliability but can be vulnerable to cracks when affected by PCB flexing. The resulting damage may not manifest itself immediately, but may ultimately result in field failure. Syfer Technology has introduced a polymer termination to its
  • Stack-up and the Basics of Multi-Layer Construction (.pdf)
    layer involved. The stack-up is how the designer tells the manufacturer they way to properly build the PCB to work as designed. Multi-layer Basics Stack-up and the Basics of Multi-Layer. Construction. The Stack-Up is the specific call out of material thickness and copper weights required
  • Soldering Recommendations for Surface Mount and Multilayer Metal Oxide Varistors (.pdf)
    . device and PCB. Currently for most applications, both the. MULTILAYER TRANSIENT VOLTAGE. CH and ML series use FR4 boards without issue. SUPPRESSOR. A further advantage of this type of construction is that the. Fluxes. breakdown voltage of the device is dependent on the. Fluxes are used

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