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  • Machine Safety Design: Safety Relays Versus a Single Safety Controller (.pdf)
    There comes a point in machine safety design when the designer needs to decide if it makes more sense to use multiple safety relays or to upgrade to a safety controller. This point typically occurs when the application requires three or more safety relays. This white paper focuses on some
  • ADwin Systems for Test Automation in Development & Production
    Test systems are used to determine the dynamic characteristics and parameters of components and sensors. With ADwinsystems, an analog and/or digital stimulus is applied to the Device Under Test (DUT), using single or multiple channels of actuators or amplifiers. In addition to the stimulation
  • Energy Efficiency: Exploring Energy Saving Capabilities in Gearmotors
    and typically less efficient devices require a higher current carrying capacity. Higher current means heavier gage wires to the motor, larger relays, etc. Typically when you’re designing an application you calculate the motor’s input power based on what you need it to “do” in terms of output power
  • Medical Device Link .
    normally open solid-state relays in a single package. The HBC-065 can be wired as a three-pole, single-throw relay when inputs are tied parallel to each other or as three isolated single-pole, single-throw relays. The unit 's adaptability makes it suitable for solenoid switching; controlling pumps
  • Medical Device Link .
    perform multiple inspections simultaneously, checking for both translational and rotational variations. Parts moving along the production line or web are accurately inspected even if not oriented uniformly in the camera's field of view. 9714 Tenth Ave. N., Minneapolis, MN 55441. All-Electric
  • Technical Notes for Power Suppies
    . Although Fig.3.5 shows an active lim-. The ratio of total output power to active power, expressed in per-. iting arrangement in which a resistor is shunted by a triac, other. cent. This is normally specified at full load and nominal input volt-. combinations using thyristors or relays are possible
  • Digital I/O Survival Kit
    , a problem can occur with digital inputs if the signal is a slowly changing voltage. Because. of the slow rate of change, the signal might remain in the ambiguous 0.8V-2.0V range long enough to cause. multiple triggerings, rather than a smooth transition from one logic level to the other (Figure 4
  • Selecting Telecommunication Test Equipment to Maximize Throughput and Accuracy
    . system with relays used to make connections to various inputs. Starting the A/D. conversion before the signal is settled could result in a noisy, inaccurate. measurement. By reading the relay or switching system spec sheet, you can. determine maximum settling time and program the trigger delay so