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  • Frequently Asked Questions/Technical Information
    than identically sized Carbon Steel counterparts. Q: What is Music Wire, and why is it used to make springs?. A: Music wire, although its name is derived from the material used for piano wire, is a common high-carbon steel alloy used for spring manufacture. It is cold drawn and offers uniform tensile
  • Steel spring with surfaces too rough and contaminated to accept plating. Plating was peeling causing a high reject rate.
    Of springs. Industry: Other - Manufacturers of springs. Before. Mfg/Method: Wire forming. Alloy: 1085 Music Wire. ProbleM: The customer was experiencing problems with the part after. plating and installing. The surface of the parts may not have been clean. prior to plating, with resultant adhesion
  • Tolerancing helical springs
    the springs have no control over raw-material properties so they must compensate for the variations during manufacturing. Most spring-coiler machines, notably compression-spring formers, use standard tooling to vary factors such as coil count, pitch, body diameter, and wire feed. Typically, spring rate (lb
  • Load Cell Application - Wireless Shoe Sensor
    Wire and wireless force sensors / load cells can now be used as an everyday accessory for consumer use. They are used in shoes in combination with an MP3 player to measure your activity and transfer data to a receiver which then displays the information on the MP3 screen. The sensor tracks motion
  • Acoustifence: Installation and Specifications
    which can truly make an improvement in your life and increase your privacy. The Acoustifence is a unique 1/8th inch, 6' x 30' (3mm x 1.83m x 9.14m) heavy mineral filled, barium free visco elastic acoustical material. Longer lengths are available. It is made in the U. S. A. (from all USA materials
  • Top Sources Deliver Innovative Solutions for Aerospace/Defense Industry - Job Shop Technology, July 2006
    materials ranging from music wire and galvanized wire to stainless steels, phosphor bronze, and hard-drawn and oil-tempered materials. The company is also experienced in working with exotic materials, such as pre-plated gold, silver, and tin; Inconel, and chrome vanadium. The company recently announced
  • The Invisible Computer
    clones other films. Why going digital degrades music. Sabrina Raaf's personal-space invaders. More >>. Posts. The best phone sex ever!. Reexamining the Turing test. The homeless blog pioneer. More >>. For all practical purposes, silicon used to be the only real option for making integrated circuits
  • Measurement Microphone Handbook
    . Test and Measurement Microphones. Introduction. Pressure variations, whether in air, water or other mediums, which the human ear can detect,. are considered sounds. Acoustics is the science or the study of sound. Sound can be generally. pleasing to the ear, as in music, or undesirable, referred
  • Medical Device Link .
    Rosa, CA), gained rapid market acceptance to become the current domestic market leaders (Table I). Boston Scientific (Natick, MA) appeared well positioned to challenge the market leaders with its NIR ON Ranger stent (approved August 1998) featuring an over-the-wire (OTW) delivery mechanism and SOX
  • Spring Pin Socket User Manual
    . plated music wire) is sandwiched between two plungers (gold plated hardened Beryllium Copper) inside. the barrel (gold plated Phosphor Bronze). The spring probe has high current rating (4.0A continuous,. single probe in free air @ ambient). The operating temperature range is -40° to 150° C. The solder