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  • MW-IR Reflectance Inspection Through Organic Coatings
    Surface corrosion on aluminum aircraft skins, near joints and around fasteners, is often an indicator of buried structural corrosion and cracking. Aircraft paints are routinely removed to reveal the presence of corrosion on the surface of metal structures, and the aircraft is subsequently treated
  • Nanowire Grid Polarizers for Mid- and Long-Wavelength Infrared Applications
    High contrast wire grid polarizers on silicon suitable for mid-wavelength infrared (MWIR) and long-wavelength infrared (LWIR) applications have been developed using wafer-scale aluminum nanowire patterning capabilities. The 144 nm. pitch MWIR polarizer typically transmits better than 95%
  • Infrared Wire Grid Polarizers -Metrology and Modeling
    Broad and narrow-band wire grid polarizer (WGP) products suitable for MWIR and LWIR applications requiring high contrast were developed on antireflection (AR) coated silicon using Moxtek nanowire patterning capabilities. Accurate metrology was gathered in both transmission and reflection from
  • Full Body Scan Including Coronary Artery Evaluations Using FLIR Sensors
    of the body, and are suitable for the evaluations of stenoses in the carotid, coronary, and other critical arteries. A single shot of the section of the body in question is obtained with a FLIR sensor or camera that can acquire IR signals in the SWIR, MWIR, or LWIR wavelengths. Then, a low wattage IR
  • Thermal Response Characteristics of Marine Grade Radome Composites Designed for use on Spruance Class Naval Destroyers
    FLIR radiometers. The front face surface temperature of the sandwich structure was measured with a cooled shortwave (3-5 um) radiometer (Merlin MWIR ). The corresponding response of the sandwich composite's back face was measured with a Thermacam 290. Additionally, K type thermocouples were bonded
  • Object Discrimination and Optical Performance Of a Real-Time 2-5 µm Hyperspectral Imager
    Hyperspectral imaging in the 2-5 mm band has implications for applications in detection and discrimination of objects of interest. Real time instrumentation is particularly powerful as a tool for characterization and field measurement. A compact, real-time, refractive MWIR hyperspectral imaging
  • Multispectral Imaging -moves into the mainstream
    of Sensors Unlimited/Goodrich ISR. recent developments in sensors other. red (MWIR; 3.5 to 5 µm) or long-wave. than visible charge-coupled devices. infrared (LWIR; 8 to 12 µm) bands. [ The WESCAM 474HD ]. (CCD) or complementary metal oxide. into a single system. semiconductors (CMOS). Such imagers. Many

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