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Parts by Number for Mylar Speaker Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
T225 ASAP Semiconductor 2.25 MYLAR SPEAKER 8 OHM Not Provided Not Provided
GA0876M Straight Road Electronics, Inc. MISCELLANEOUS Not Provided MYLAR CONE SPEAKER
41.MS36LSLF ASAP Semiconductor IMO Not Provided SPEAKER, MYLAR CONE, 0.25W; Transducer Function:Speaker; Resonan
S050M ASAP Semiconductor PRO SIGNAL Not Provided SPEAKER, MYLAR CONE, 8OHM, 50MM; Power Rating RMS:1W; Transducer
S066M ASAP Semiconductor PRO SIGNAL Not Provided SPEAKER, MYLAR CONE, 8OHM, 66MM; Power Rating RMS:1.5W; Transduc
PSR-23F08S-JQ Allied Electronics, Inc. MALLORY SONALERT PRODUCTS INC Not Provided Speaker; Mylar- Plastic Frame; 8 Ohm; 0.25 Watts; 81 DB; 900 HZ; 23X5 MM
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  • About waterproof speaker
    Generally speaking, a paper diaphragm speaker is easily to have the problem of molding or distortion in a humid environment, and is certainly damaged in the water. On the other hand, the mylar diaphragm speaker is normally waterproof that it can work with drip, fog, or even slightly in the
  • The Advantages of the Electret Condenser Microphone
    . When the ultra-thin or gold-plating Mylar diaphragm response to the sound pressure level, it changes the static electricity between the conductors into electric signal directly. Then we can gain a proper output of impedance and sensitivity by the electric circuit coupling. 1�B��N�n�������ഫ���q��T