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  • Cell Tracking
    After injection of an iron oxide nano particle, on the were coupled both Avidin and the fluorochrome Cy5.5, that showed the mixing T2 lowering through the iron oxide particles in the MRI (on the left above) on dieTumorzellen to bind and...
    Black chrome , a material composition of nano -particles of chromium and chromium oxide has been used as selective surface for water heating applications.
  • Thermal spraying of advanced nano-phased materials
    Up to now the following materials have been deposited as nano -structured coatings: ceramic (aluminium oxides ), metallic (iron, copper, aluminium, chrome ), carbides (tungsten carbide), as well as many combinations of these materials.
  • Radiation stability of nanomaterials
    As follows from these data, for consolidated nanoobjects with different bond natures (MgCa2O4 complex oxide , TiNi intermetallic, cubic silicon car bide, dispersion strengthened tungsten, and nano structured chrome steel), a positive effect on the results of ion and neutron irradiation from the...
  • A Cross-Referencing-Based Droplet Manipulation Method for High-Throughput and Pin-Constrained Digital Microfluidic Arrays
    A digital microfluidic biochip typically consists of a patterned metal electrode array (e.g., chrome or indium tin oxide ), on which fluid-handling operations such as merging, splitting, mixing, and dispensing of nano -liter droplets containing biological samples are executed.
  • Advances in Textile Engineering and Materials
    Synthesis and Characterization of Nanorods of Ni-Fe Composite Oxides X.F. Li and H. Wang Synthesis of Copper... ...Preparation and Mechanical Property Study of Aluminum Borate Whisker/Phosphate Chrome -Alumina Wave-Transparent Composites... ...Lou Research Progress in Nano -Cellulose Modification Z.L...
  • New carbon materials
    the chemical gas phase separation of acetylene on anodic alumina with a pore size of about 25 nms is the alignment of mehrwandigen carbon- nano tubes. ...that can be exposed through chemical removal of the Templats by means of chromic acid and phosphoric...
  • Germany nanomaterial Report
    The technological innovation of iron oxide - nano particles lies on the one hand on the part of the supraparamagnetischen properties that are interesting for the insert as contrast medium. ...Trichlorethen), for oxidative degradation of pesticides of nitrite or immobilization of metals like chromium mercury and serve...
  • Surface modification technologies XV
    Hexavalent Chrome (Cr6+), 235 Hexavalent Chromium Ion Baths, 245 High Energy Density Processes, 173 Hindered Amine Light Stabilizer (HALS... ...In-Flight Droplet Temperature, 9 Inorganic Coatings for Aerospace, 87 Inorganic Fillers, 143 Inorganic Filler-Conducting Polymer Nano -Composite, 143 In-Process... ...Synthesis, 173 Non-Linear Thermal-Mechanical Finite Element Analysis, 21 Non-Woven Polyethylene Oxide Fibers, 109 Novel...
  • Index: 2008
    ...8074] Köhn, M. (Z) 4493 - 4496 [4421 - 4424] Köhn, R. D.-reactivity of chromium complexes in spin... Single protein Guest in Nanometer-Scale Wells Embedded " nano tape (Z) in a DNA" 3448 - 3450 [3400 - 3402] DOI: 10.1002/ange.200800028... ...Kondo, Y. (Z) 4929 - 4932 [4851 - 4854] Kondratenko, E. V. Abatement of Nitrous oxides Coupled with Selective Production...

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