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Parts by Number for Nano Kit Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
14-103-04-1-AIS-ALTERA Digi-Key Altium Programmers, Development Systems KIT NANOBOARD AND CYCLONEII DC
14-103-04-1-AIS-LATTICE Digi-Key Altium Programmers, Development Systems KIT NANOBOARD AND LATTICEECP DC
14-103-04-1-AIS-XILINX Digi-Key Altium Programmers, Development Systems KIT NANOBOARD AND SPARTAN3 DC
AGLN-NANO-KIT Digi-Key Microsemi SoC Programmers, Development Systems KIT HARDWARE FOR AGLN-NANO
AGLN-NANO-KIT ASAP Semiconductor ACT Not Provided SPQ 1 PC
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  • Here Comes the $2,500 Car
    production plan of 250,000 to 350,000 units/yr was tempting enough, but rumors have surfaced that this could quickly double. Tata 's CEO Ratan Tata has said he hopes to build additional factories elsewhere in India or sell Nano kits to entrepreneurs to hit a total production of 1 million units/yr. "A bunch
  • Solutions for Small Volume Instruments
    pathlength or they remain in a. shorter pathlength, we have the standards you need to have confidence in your instruments’ readings. You can choose the award-winning Nano-kit for your DNA/RNA work or you can count on our knowledge &. expertise to create custom standards that fit your exact process. All
  • Fiber optic temperature solutions for generator and transformer
    and non-invasive use. The TSNano temperature sensor stands out for it‘s miniature size and can be self assembled with the NANO-Kit. The spacer provides a simple, fast and non-adhesive attachment of the sensor directly between the windings. Thereby the protection of the sensor is guaranteed and so perfect
  • Types of Wire Cutters
    . December. Blogroll. All-Spec Industries. All-Spec Newsletter. Screaming Circuits Blog. Toolmonger. Search Here!. Follow Us!. Twitter Updates. Recent Posts. Best Way to Clean with Cleanroom Wipes. Save $200 on Flir’s Most Affordable Thermal Imaging Camera. Product Spotlight: Valutek Nano Tek
  • Medical Device Link .
    to the hybridization cartridge and provides the environmental conditions (i.e., heating and cooling) necessary for the genotyping reaction. After the assay is finished, the hybridization cartridge is removed and the glass microarray is inserted into the scanning unit (in this case, a Verigene ID by Nano sphere Inc
  • Medical Device Link .
    Accuracy of machining on the workpiece can be expected to be 1 um or better when a CNC machining centre designed with hydrostatic guideway drives is used. The Pyramid Nano from Kern Micro- und Feinwerktechnik GmbH & Co. KG (Murnau-Westried, Germany; ) exhibits positioning scatter according to VDI
  • Unique Identification (UID)
    Marking. Job Shop Services. Laser Fume Extraction. Advantage NANO. Advantage Oracle. Laser Marking PVC. Light Duty Extraction. Heavy Duty Extraction. Laser Marking. Laser Systems. CO2 Lasers. EOX. Green Lasers. GREEN-LASE. Pulsed Fiber Lasers. AREX. Elite Mark. UV Lasers. UV-LASE. YAG Lasers. Sagitta
  • Solutions For Nanotechnology R&D
    . Applications include measurements on carbon nanotubes, nanotube-based field emitter displays, nanowires and nanofibers, and nano-opto components, plus characterization of molecular electronics and nanomaterials. Application Background. Nanotechnology R &D is concerned with materials and devices

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