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  • RF Isolators and RF Circulators-Image
    RF Isolators and RF Circulators - (123 companies)
    RF isolators and RF circulators are passive devices used to control the propagation of an RF signal. RF Isolators and RF Circulators Information. RF isolators and RF circulators are passive devices that are used to control the propagation of RF...
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  • Fiber Optic Circulators-Image
    Fiber Optic Circulators - (60 companies)
    Fiber optic circulators are nonreciprocal devices that direct a light signal from one port, via a fiber optic line, to another sequentially. Image Credit: Senko Advanced Components, Inc. | AC Photonics, Inc. Fiber optic circulators, commonly...
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  • RF Waveguide Isolators and Circulators-Image
    RF Waveguide Isolators and Circulators - (38 companies)
    RF Waveguide Isolators and Circulators Information. RF waveguide isolators and circulators permit a signal to pass in one direction while providing high isolation to reflected energy in the reverse direction. RF waveguide circulators are passive...
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  • Water Baths-Image
    Water Baths - (230 companies)
    ...and circulators. However, a variety of high-dielectric fluids are available for temperatures below 32 oF and above 212 oF, where the use of water would not be feasible. The fluid should have the right viscosity for the operating temperature range...
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  • Fluid Heat Transfer Systems-Image
    Fluid Heat Transfer Systems - (121 companies)
    Fluid heat transfer systems circulate thermal fluid through process equipment to maintain an even, consistent temperature profile. Fluid heat transfer systems are packaged units which circulate thermal fluid through process equipment and provide...
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    Heat Transfer Fluids and Thermal Oils - (158 companies)
    Heat transfer fluids, thermal oils, circulating coolants, and heater liquids are used to carry thermal energy in process heating and machine cooling applications. Heat transfer fluids and thermal oils are used to carry thermal energy in process...
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    Circulation Heaters - (113 companies)
    Circulation heaters are used primarily to heat moving, flowing, or circulating fluid streams. Fluid flows through the heater, which transfers heat to the fluid stream. Any liquid or gas is generally acceptable for use with a circulation heater...
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    Cryogenic Pumps - (39 companies)
    ...and operate in extremely cold temperatures. Many of these pumps feature hermetically sealed designs to minimize heat leakage from the motor or contamination by process fluids into the cryogenic fluid. Cryogenic pumps are used to circulate coolant...
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    Humidifiers (industrial) - (174 companies)
    Industrial humidifiers add moisture to warm, circulated air in order to protect furnishings and reduce static electricity. They use deionized, demineralized, softened, or untreated water. There are several basic types of industrial humidifiers...
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    RF Waveguide Components - (194 companies)
    ...power levels by the gain with little or no reflection. Bulkhead feedthroughs extend waveguides through pressurized walls or cabinets. Circulators are passive devices with three or more ports that allow the signal entering each port to pass...
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