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  • Ultra-Narrow-Band Tunable Laserline Notch Filter (.pdf)
    We report on an angularly tunable laserline notch filter from 760 to 785 nm with optical density of 5.7, 3 dB bandwidth of 9 cm-1 (0.55 nm) and greater than 80% transmission. The notch filter is a single element composed of six bonded slanted reflective holographic gratings in glass.
  • How to Specify RF & Microwave Filters (.pdf)
    . Many case styles can be accommodated to meet. the needs of specific physical environments as. well. They inherently have low insertion loss and. can handle RF power levels as high as 500 W,. and in special cases even more. However, LC filters cannot achieve extremely. narrow bandwidths because
  • Thin Film BAW Filters For Wide Bandwidth and High Performance Applications
    High Performance Filters * Narrow Bandwidth Filters (Less than 1%) * High Rejection Out-Of-Band * Low Spurious Content * Low Insertion Loss. Wide Bandwidth * Bandwidths In Excess of 2 % * Any Bandwidth Wider Than Usual Ladders have the steepest skirt selectivity, CRF and Lattice the widest BW
  • Medical Device Link .
    and narrow time frame. Market research conducted on the TCU led Bottjer to conclude that “many physicians feel that there is less tissue destruction with thermal cautery units than with high-frequency electrosurgical devices, and that patients experience less pain and heal faster, with fewer scars

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