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  • Presses (metalworking)-Image
    Presses (metalworking) - (531 companies)
    Selecting industrial presses (metalworking) requires an understanding of equipment types. Some examples include: Die cutting machines are used in the manual conversion of web or sheet materials such as woven cloth, non-woven... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Web and Roll Coaters-Image
    Web and Roll Coaters - (102 companies)
    Web and Roll Coaters Information Web coaters and roll coaters are used to rapidly apply controlled layers of paint, protective films, adhesives, and other types of coatings onto a moving surface of paper, plastic film, coil stock, metal foils... Learn More
  • Fiber and Web Guiding Systems-Image
    Fiber and Web Guiding Systems - (42 companies)
    ...conveyers, and die presses. For winding operations, ballers, doublers, and winders are used. Pulp and paper manufacturing companies use a web handling system once sufficient water has been removed from the pulp. Web guiding systems can be an important... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Web Controllers-Image
    Web Controllers - (84 companies)
    Web controllers maintain control functionality over processes with web or sheet rollers. Control functionality includes maintaining tension of the web, centering on the track, and material feed rates. Web Controllers Information. Web controllers... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Web Tension Sensors-Image
    Web Tension Sensors - (46 companies)
    Web tension sensors are used to measure static or running tension in webs or sheets during the manufacture of textiles, paper, and other sheet materials. Web Tension Sensors Information. Web tension sensors use a voltage or current source to measure... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Web Tension Indicators - (44 companies)
    Web tension indicators measure and report tension parameters in web or other flat-sheet production processes. Some types of web tension indicators have control functionality as well. Web Tension Indicators Information. Web tension indicators measure... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Web Sensing and Scanning Systems - (53 companies)
    ...basis weight, thickness and moisture. Web sensing systems and web scanning systems use tension sensors which employ a transducer to measure static or running tension in webs or sheets during textile manufacturing, paper manufacturing, and other... Learn More
  • Web Cleaners - (34 companies)
    ...a problem in that they are often attracted to moving webs. To minimize the potential defects on a printing press or converting line, many web cleaners provide static control and moisture control to minimize this attraction. Removing Contaminants. Dirt... Search by Specification | Learn More
  • Metal Coil Winding and Unwinding Equipment - (112 companies)
    ...transformer coils, choke coils, inductor coals, and generator coils. Metal coil unwinders are also used with a variety of products, and may be incorporated into a coil coating line that includes a web unwind or feed section. Metal coil winding and unwinding... Learn More
  • Laminators and Laminating Machines - (284 companies)
    Laminators and laminating machines or presses bond together layers of materials such as plastic films on glass, wood or other substrates. Laminators and laminating machines or presses bond together layers of materials such as plastic films on glass... Learn More
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...driveline when print stands derive power from a central drive shaft. The limitations of multistand mechanical printing presses are becoming widely recognized. The line shaft, gears, gearboxes, and clutches that synchronize press stands all have a mechanical tolerance. Tolerances of components...

A position change of the core. causes a differential in inductance between. Strain gage transducers, especially the car-. the two secondaries and thus a change in. tridge type, narrow web and tension roll. voltage output. The magnitude of output. types are more accurate than LVDT trans-. change...

Have you ever needed to measure or control tension on multiple strands of web as they are being wound onto individual winders or takeups? A typical example is the case where a wide web of delicate or extensible material passes through a slitter station and the narrow strands that exit need finely...

Applications include medical instruments, orthopedic devices, spinal products, and neurosurgical devices, as well as ceramics, thin films, and fiber optics. The company also manufactures thin-gauge, narrow-width, zero-tolerance tubing for the packaging of catheters and other critical medical devices... narrow as 1 16 in. Polymer. MPB Bulletin Board (MDDI archive, Dec 02). Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device Industry. Suppliers Archived Articles Entire Site Search Try Our Advanced Search. Contact us. Advertise. Log...

...components, also offered by the firm, the process can be fully customized. Fabricating system provides flexible narrow-web converting for dressings Speed and flexibility are among the key features. EMDM - May 2005 - Equipment News. Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online...

Selection of Polymeric Materials: How to Select Design Properties from Different Standards. Filled with tried and true values to narrow myriad choices down quickly for readers, this book steers engineers and designers onto the right path to selecting the appropriate values for each plastic property...

Microwave Field-Effect Transistors: Theory, Design, and Applications. This text covers the use of devices in microwave circuits and includes topics such as semiconductor theory and transistor performance, CAD considerations, intermodulation, noise figure, S-parameter mapping, narrow- and broadband...

Narrow-width polyurethane lay-flat tubing is available in 4- to 12-in.-wide rolls. The material is 1 to 20 mils in thickness. The tubing is intended for use as barrier sheath devices, medical bags, or pouches. A manufacturer produces medical-grade PTFE, FEP, PFA, ETFE, and ECTFE heat-shrinkable...

A label-counting table with a visual setup mode and a moving plate to moving plate system facilitates accurate counts. A plate-to-plate feature maintains uniform web tension, allowing even narrow rolls to be moved without telescoping. The table can be customized according to user requirements...

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