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  • Fibers
    Fiber reinforcements dominate composites. The fiber industry is divided between natural fibers -- those from plant, animal, or mineral sources -- and synthetic fibers. Many synthetic fibers have been developed specifically to replace natural fibers because synthetics usually behave more predictably
  • Medical Device Link .
    A Premium Blend for Vascular Grafts The material is designed to be strong and flexible enough to provide support for a graft. Researchers found that a blend of polydioxanone (PDO) and elastin fibers met the criteria. PDO is a synthetic and biodegradable polymer; elastin is a natural polymer found
  • Seven Steps to Superior Color Control in the Dyehouse
    The globalization of manufacturing operations has created a growing world market. It also has created problems in. color management for textiles, particularly in the dyehouse. Textile production for a global market now applies to a. dazzling array of natural and synthetic materials. These include
  • Testing to Improve the Durability of Artificial Heart Valves
    leaflets that mimic natural valve leaflet structure fabricated from fiber-reinforced composite material will minimize leaflet stresses and decrease tears and perforations.
  • A Total Approach To Color Management
    Although the word itself comes from Latin texere, "to weave," textile now applies to a dazzling array of natural and. synthetic materials. These include filaments, yarns, and threads and the many woven, knitted, knotted, and. embroidered fabrics made from them as well as to nonwoven fabrics
  • Medical Device Link .
    by artificial muscles actuated by a chemical fluid that is pumped by a microprocessor-controlled heart. The AMRI Web site offers video clips of Mr. Boney riding a bicycle, a whimsical display of current efforts to apply advanced materials technology to the challenge of creating synthetic muscles
  • Hydraulic Hose
    . Some hose elastomers permit operation at rated pressure and temperatures up to 300 F; others are rated for temperatures down to -65 F. The reinforcement may be a natural or synthetic yarn or fiber, a metal wire, or combinations. The reinforcement may be braided, spiral wound, or both. Wire-braid
  • Monitoring Flammable Vapors and Gases in Industrial Processes
    Details Cancel. 09/21/2012 Control Instruments Corp. Edit Article Synthetic Fibers Gas Sensing Details Cancel. 09/21/2012 Control Instruments Corp. Edit Article Solvent Recovery Case History (.pdf) Gas Sensing Details Cancel. 09/21/2012 Control Instruments Corp. Edit Article Solar Panels Case History

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