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  • Fibers
    Fiber reinforcements dominate composites. The fiber industry is divided between natural fibers -- those from plant, animal, or mineral sources -- and synthetic fibers. Many synthetic fibers have been developed specifically to replace natural fibers because synthetics usually behave more predictably
  • Medical Device Link . Synthetic Biodegradable Polymers as Medical Devices
    composition, highlight special requirements for processing and handling, and discuss some of the commercial devices based on these materials. POLYMER CHEMISTRY Biodegradable polymers can be either natural or synthetic. In general, synthetic polymers offer greater advantages than natural materials
  • Medical Device Link .
    A Premium Blend for Vascular Grafts The material is designed to be strong and flexible enough to provide support for a graft. Researchers found that a blend of polydioxanone (PDO) and elastin fibers met the criteria. PDO is a synthetic and biodegradable polymer; elastin is a natural polymer found
  • Bristle Brush Material Descriptions
    Brushes. Hand-Held Brushes. Strip Brushes. Wheel Brushes. Brushes by Material. Brushes by Bristle Material. Natural Bristle Brushes. Wire Bristle Brushes. Synthetic Bristle Brushes. Brushes by Handle Material. Metal Handle Brushes. Plastic Handle Brushes. Brushes by Application. Artist & Forensic Brushes
  • Medical Device Link .
    the potential applications are actuators for prosthetic limbs that could offer a smoother and more natural movement, artificial sphincters for treatment of incontinence, and a method for encasing the heart with synthetic muscle in lieu of transplant procedures. NANOTUBES BROADEN POSSIBILITIES FOR ARTIFICIAL
  • Medical Device Link .
    precursors, but our work itself is a calculation of properties based on first-principles theory." Forming Devices from Artificial Molecules Research has often focused on creating synthetic materials that are not only capable of mimicking the function of natural ones, but also of extending the material's
  • Seven Steps to Superior Color Control in the Dyehouse
    The globalization of manufacturing operations has created a growing world market. It also has created problems in. color management for textiles, particularly in the dyehouse. Textile production for a global market now applies to a. dazzling array of natural and synthetic materials. These include
  • Medical Device Link .
    began looking for nonallergenic alternatives to natural rubber latex (NRL) more than a decade ago, when the number of reported cases of allergic reactions to latex started increasing dramatically. NRL is a highly elastic, very-low-durometer material exhibiting high tear resistance and high elongation
  • Medical Device Link .
    , the polymer degrades rather than melts. Plastics in this category include phenolics, epoxies, alkyd polyester, urea-formaldehyde plastics, and natural and synthetic rubbers. Thermoplastics, which soften when heated and harden when cooled, run the gamut from commodity to engineering plastics. Commodity
  • Testing to Improve the Durability of Artificial Heart Valves
    leaflets that mimic natural valve leaflet structure fabricated from fiber-reinforced composite material will minimize leaflet stresses and decrease tears and perforations.

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