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  • Use an LEL when introduction and removal of natural gas
    Do not use a combustion flue gas analyzer; use a good quality, recently calibrated LEL (lower explosive limit) meter during natural gas introduction and removal. Industrial Burners, Combustion Systems - Eclipse, Inc. Search. Products|. Products by Catalog. Products by Industry. Discontinued
  • New Media Makes RTO Natural Gas Usage a Rarity!
    Gas Processing. Paint / Paint Spray. Petroleum Refining. Pharmaceutical. Printing/Laminating/Converting. Remediation. Rubber Curing. Ventilation Air Methane.  . Aftermarket Services|. Contact|. News. Get Literature. New Media Makes RTO Natural Gas Usage a Rarity!. Industry:Service and Maintenance
  • FireBag (R) Thermal-activated Shut-off Device for Propane, Natural & Butane Gas
    , Natural & Butane Gas. Natural Gas Automatic Thermal Shutoffs. To prevent unrestricted release of gas during fires, many European countries require residential natural gas lines be equipped with automatic thermal shut-off devices. In the U.S., Massachusetts requires an automatic thermal gas shut-off
  • Thermal Mass Flow Meter Improves Refinery Flare Gas Monitoring Accuracy
    that is appropriate to the gas composition. at each of these different cutover settings. A signal is then sent. via the plant’s distributed control system that adds the necessary. amount of natural gas to the toxic gas vapors for optimal. incineration. In this application, the accuracy of the flow meter
  • Gas Transmission Auxiliary
    Hoffer insertion Though the Hoffer turbine meter is. transporting natural gas is maintaining. turbine meters to monitor flow rates at. perhaps best known for custody transfer. sufficient line pressure from the. points along the pipeline. The insertion applications in the natural gas. wellhead
  • Greenhouse Gas Flow Monitoring (.pdf)
    of this year proposed to. g Nitrogen. g Carbon Monoxide. col ect emissions data from the petroleum and natural gas sector,. g Carbon Dioxide. g Particulates. as wel as from industries that emit fluorinated gases and from. g Oxygen and water vapor. g Ozone. facilities that inject and store carbon dioxide
  • Pacific Klamath Energy Utilizes V-Cone Flow Meter to Solve Problem in Co-Generation Plant
    acres in Klamath Falls next to its steam host. The plant 's co-generation source is augmented by 3 different steam systems and has provided greater than 95% reliability. Pacific Klamath Energy is a subsidiary of PPM Energy that is based in Portland, Oregon. PPM Energy is also involved in natural gas
  • Measuring Methane-Based Digester Gas Flow In Wastewater Treatment Plants
    a variety of. entire community of stakeholders. 2. natural and human-influenced sources. Beyond wastewater. treatment facilities, other anthropomorphic sources of methane. The Problem. include landfills, natural gas and petroleum systems, agricultural. Wastewater treatment digester gas systems
  • Sustainable Application of Reciprocating Gas Engines Operating on Coal Mine Methane Gas (.pdf)
    energy consumption has more than quadrupled since 1980. In 2006, China’s electricity usage reached 2.859 trillion kWh and natural gas consumption was. approximately 55.6 billion cubic meters; estimated 2007 oil consumption equaled 6.93 million. barrels per day. [1]. China’s government recognizes
  • Advances in Thermal Dispersion Mass Flow Meter Accuracy (.pdf)
    below 0.25 ft/sec) where natural convection phenomenon can produce heat rise flow

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