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  • Robotic Trailing Edge Flap Drilling System
    DEFINITIONS, ACRONYMS, ABBREVIATIONS CFRP Carbon fiber-reinforced plastic MFEE Multi-function end effector NC Numerical control TCP Tool center point TEDS Trailing Edge (flap) Drilling System TEF Trailing edge flap … comprises an off-the-shelf KUKA KR360 robot integrated with an Electroimpact process head , 7th axis linear …
  • One-Up Assembly with Robots
    … must be pre-checked for proper grip length and post-checked for proper installation and head flushness. To begin the process, pressure is applied to the part via the nose tip which is centered about the tool point of the end effector . The desired load is determined by the NC programmer and is set to always be greater than the maximum expected drill thrust.
  • High-Accuracy Robotic Drilling/Milling of 737 Inboard Flaps
    Boelube is a registered trademark of The Boeing Company CAD Computer-Aided Design CFRP Carbon Fiber Reinforced Plastic CNC Computer Numerical Control GPS Global Positioning System IB Inboard MFEE Multi-Function End Effector NC Numerical Control OB Outboard Omnidirectional From any/all directions … ABSTRACT The processes of drilling and milling Boeing 737 inboard flaps at Triumph Aerostructures have been enhanced … A single process head performs all required functions, including one-sided pressure application, touch probing, barcode scanning …
  • Automated/Mechanized Drilling and Countersinking of Airframes
    Edge Distance (ED), 13, 16n Effectivity, 46–47 Efficiency, 44–45 Electronic Gantry Applied Drilling System (EGADS), 33 End effector , 81–83 capability, 83 power, 82 pressure foot, 83 size, 82 tool holder, 83 Engineers design, 177–180 manufacturing, 180–182 Engineering and Manufacturing Alliance Project Teaming … … Uninhabited Aerial Vehicle (UAV), 223 Flooring, automation considerations, 95–96 Flow charting, 121 Flush head rivets, 21 Gantry … … Overhead Rail Assembly and Installation Line (NORAIL), 1 Notional simulation, 128 Numeric control ( NC ), 29 programmer training …
  • Traveling Column Machines for Automated Drilling and Fastening Operations on Different Aircraft Structural Components
    These posts are connected to Laser trackers and an NC control, so the manufacturing tolerances of the … Figure 16 CAD views of traveling column with end effector manipulator Figure 17 End effector unit for A400M fuselage assembly riveting station The end effector for the A400M fuselage assembly is somewhat simpler than the revolver head of the A380 vertical tail … So it features a drill spindle with up to 18.000rpm and 4,5Nm torque, rivet feed …
  • A Novel Methodology for the Simulation of Athletic Tasks on Cadaveric Knee Joints with Respect to In Vivo Kinematics
    Anatomical landmarks at the center of the femoral head , femoral condylar notch, femoral lateral collateral ligament origin … … joint line.6 On the tibia, a rod defining the medial/lateral axis was drilled through two points … The transverse cut through the tibia also allowed for the robot end effector to be affixed as closely as possible to the knee joint center without disrupting any of the tibial attachment sites for the remaining, intact joint structures. … axis load cell (Theta Model Industrial Automation Load Cell, ATI Industrial Automation, Apex, NC ) mounted on the …
  • NC Programming Automation to Drill and Countersink Dissimilar Material Stack-Ups
    … of PC based motion controllers and Windows based operating platforms have changed the NC programming capabilities that … Once the machine is in position at the correctly assigned vector and normal, drill /countersink code derived … The drill/countersink end effecter NOSE-PIECE (drill head ) cross section is illustrated in figure 1. The end effector has a pressure foot adapted to engage the work-piece surface.
  • Highly Flexible Assembly Cell for Automated Drilling and Riveting of High Lift Devices
    … fastening of closed structures became reality: Figure 6 AROCS-Machine AROCS Specification The following requirements were specified in the SOW: Workpiece Processing: Uni-Directional Drilling Unit: ODU Chipless/Capless/Burless Drilling with Countersinking Option Reference … … system is a 6 NC -Axes controlled pillar positioner. AROCS End Effector The following functional groups/modules define End Effector capability: Pressurefoot Bushing with Uni-Directional Press Unit and Integrated … … Station Sealant Applicator Blind Rivet Module Bolt/Pin Module Automatic Tool Changer Modules are attached to a rotary head that rotates around TCP.
  • Robotic Drilling System for 737 Aileron
    DEFINITIONS, ACRONYMS, ABBREVIATIONS CFRP Carbon fiber reinforced plastic CNC Computer numeric control NC Numeric control RACC Robotic … A component of this new line is the integration of a flexible robotic drilling /trimming system. A significant challenge of this project was the requirement for the process head to work efficiently on … As a result a new side-mounted drill and trim end effector was developed.
  • Determinant Spar Assembly Cell
    The PST fits into the spindle end effector of the machine tool and docks with the vacuum head on the pogo. … computer calculates the optimal set-up sequence based on the new locations given by an NC program. … Chord locator tools, or applied tools, are indexed to coordination holes that are drilled in the spar …

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