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TC1044S Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided SystemWide Input Voltage Range ............1.5V to 12VEfficient Voltage Conversion ............99.9%Excellent Power Efficiency .............98%Low Power Consumption ...........80uA @ VIN = 5VLow Cost and Easy to Use — Only Two External Capacitors RequiredRS-232 Negative Power SupplyAvailable...
TC1121 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided The TC1121 is a charge pump converter with 100mA output current capability. It converts a 2.4V to 5.5V input to a corresponding negative output voltage. As with all charge pump converters, the TC1121 uses no inductors saving cost, size, and EMI. An on-board oscillator operates at a typical...
MCP14E5 Microchip Technology, Inc. Microchip Technology, Inc. Not Provided Reverse Current- Input are TTL/CMOS compatiple and will withstand negative swings Up To 5V- ESD Protected: 4kV...
MAX851ISA National Microchip Maxim Integrated Products Not Provided IC CHARGE PUMP NEGATIVE 8SOIC
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  • Design Guideline: AAT3190 Positive/Negative Charge Pump
    This Application Note presents the design guideline and load line characteristics for the AAT3190 positive/negative charge pump with voltage multiplier stage. With a few external passive components, two low-power charge pumps of the AAT3190 convert supply voltages ranging from 2.7V to 5.5V into two
  • Getting Rid of Charges Part 4: Grounding the Charge
    across a workbench. There is also a corollary rule: similar charges repel. If you have a build up on charges on objects (say too many electrons producing a negative charge) they naturally want to move away from each other. The problem is that they often have no place to go, until they come
  • Development of a Dust Particle Analyzer for In-situ and Simultaneous Measurements of Size and Charge Distributions of Martian Dust (.pdf)
    . the polarity of their charge, giving information relating to. time of the particle (τp). For sinusoidal external forces the. positive and negative charge-to-mass ratio fractions. None of. relaxation time is related to the phase lag between the. these instruments meet the criteria listed in the previous
  • Getting Rid of Charges Part 3: Workstation Grounding
    are naturally attracted to their opposite charges, so positive ions neutralized negative areas and negative ions neutralize positive areas. Any left over ions will neutralize themselves as they find their opposite charges. This allows for an area of neutral charge by slowly and safely neutralizing
  • Mie scattering distinguishes the topological charge of an optical vortex: a homage to Gustav Mie
    on whether the. topological charge is positive or negative. These observations implicitly indicate that, in addition. to the observations of [15] the scattered field should be sensitive not only to the modulus but. New Journal of Physics 11 (2009) 013046 ( 3. y. y. y. 0. 2π. x. 2π. x
  • Applying the TC1219/TC1220 Inverting Charge Pumps with Small External Capacitor Values
    -. Circuit. tors and in certain higher-speed applications, this. unfortunate feature can be devastating. TEST RESULTS. In many cases where a negative DC bias source is. Table 1 contains typical TC1219 data for varying load. required, lower output load currents (15 mA or less). currents with these five
  • Magnetism, Radiation, and Relativity
    there must be a bunch of negative charges, at rest, separated by the same average distance. Therefore there's no electrostatic force on a test charge Q outside the wire. What happens, though, if the test charge is moving to the right? For simplicity, let's say its velocity is the same
  • Computer Power User Article - Under Development
    positive charges, the black pigments settle to the bottom and the white rise to the top. The effect is reversed with two negative charges. One positive and one negative charge shows white pigment on one side and black on the other, yielding a finer resolution for that cell. When display power is cut

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