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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
360106 ASAP Semiconductor HANKSCRAFT Not Provided NEMA 17 6VDC 1.8 DEG STEPPER MOTOR
ARM-075-5-4D Not Provided Sensors -z- Encoders / Optical Rotary Encoders / Encoder Accessories / Couplings Coupling, 4mm to 5mm, aluminum alloy, for TRD-MX series encoders and NEMA size 17 stepper motors
STP-MTRA-RB-85 Not Provided Sensors -z- Encoders / Optical Rotary Encoders / Encoder Accessories / Couplings Reducer bushing, 8mm OD to 5mm ID, 16mm length, aluminum alloy. Connects NEMA size 17 stepper motors to Koyo TRD-NH and TRD-SH hollow shaft encoders.
STP-MTR-17060 Not Provided Motion Control / Stepper Systems / Stepper Motors -z- Cables SureStep stepper motor, single shaft, 115 oz-in holding torque, 2.0 amps/phase, 1.8 degrees / full step (200 steps/revolution), NEMA size 17, bipolar. 12-inch cable contains 4 leads terminated with a connector.
KML111F17 PLC Radwell Danaher Motion Not Provided NEMA 42 STEP MOTOR, 1 STACK
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  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Motors
    in which reliable operation is critical, a dc motor measures 17 mm diam and 18 mm long. The. EMDM: Spotlight on Motors (September 2000). Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical Device Industry. Suppliers Archived Articles Entire Site
  • Motoring, Positioning Your Way to Success
    . By themselves, however. above several hundred watts. The most can separate the torque level into three DC brush motors have no sense of. common NEMA motor sizes for step distinct levels (all off, halfway, all on), position. This means they must be. motors are 17, 23, and 34. and a micro-step drive can
  • Medical Device Link .
    A hollow-shaft stepper allows access for electrical and optical cables through the central axis of the motor. The 2.25-in.-diam motor is bidirectional and based on a 1.8 step with noncumulative position accuracy of +-3%. The peak torque rating is 50 oz-in. Other features include permanently
  • Medical Device Link .
    applications," says Dave Coutu, IMS president. The drive comprises a NEMA 17 frame size 1.8 motor and a microstepping drive. It accepts up to 14 resolution settings from 1/2 to 256 microsteps per step. EADmotors Packing high power into a compact size, the Jones Punchline ac/dc series from
  • Medical Device Link .
    smaller than industry-standard packages. They feature a three-phase MOSFET pulse-width-modulation drive with surface-mounted components that eliminates the need for external controllers. Available in 14- and 17-W outputs with motor lengths of 46 and 55 mm, these brushless motors have a peak power
  • Medical Device Link .
    to control motors at 1.5 A continuous, from 12 to 40 V. All Motion Inc., San Jose, CA Integrated stepper motor. An integrated stepper motor and drive package is based on a NEMA size-23 motor. According to the company, the SMD23 is approximately half the cost of a conventional
  • Steppers go shaftless
    backlash. Two Size 17 IOS motors accurately position pneumatic grippers that clamp test tubes filled with DNA fluid to within 0.001 in. The exploded view of the IOS motor shows the reversal of the rotor and stator and the hollow core construction. The graph shows the torque-versus-speed qualities
  • Medical Device Link .
    ., Schaumburg, IL Motor technology. A compact motor technology combines a high-torque stepping motor with onboard electronics. MDrives are currently available with NEMA motor sizes 14, 17, 23, and 34, in a choice of stack lengths. Versions include microstepping, speed control with oscillator

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