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    Rare-Earth Magnets - (77 companies) 1.4 Tesla, whereas ferrite or ceramic magnets typically exhibit fields of only 0.5 to 1 Tesla. Classified under permanent magnets, rare-earth magnets have a permanent magnetic field. When metallic objects are in close distance, the magnet attracts... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Industrial Magnets - (434 companies)
    ...would be assigned a Brief Designation of 5.01/2.0. Many times an IEC Grade Code will also be presented for cross-reference. Industrial Magnet Specifications. Materials. Common magnet materials for industrial magnets include, NdFeB (Neodymium Iron... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Magnet Wire - (45 companies)
    Magnet wire is used to create coils that, when energized, produce an electromagnetic field. Typically, these insulated electrical conductors are made of copper or aluminum. Magnet wire is available in large and small sizes, and may have a square... Learn More
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    Lasers - (734 companies)
    ...medium is a neodymium / yttrium vanadium oxide crystal (represented by the label Nd: YVO). An expanding lens, collimating lens, and IR filter function collectively as the optical resonator. Image credit: Sam's Laser FAQ. Energy Source / Pump. A laser's... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Electromagnets - (125 companies)
    Laboratory. Permanent. Flat and Parallel Pole Magnets. Flat-faced electromagnets and parallel-pole magnets are two common types of electromagnets. Flat-faced magnets are used when the entire face of the magnet is in direct contact with a smooth, flat... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Lamps - (1887 companies)
    Lamps are light sources that emit incoherent light for illumination. There are many different types of products. Examples include fluorescent lamps, halogen lamps, heat lamps, incandescent lamps, LED lamps, projection lamps, spectral lamps, and stage lamps. Specialized and proprietary lamps are also available. Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Magnetizers - (19 companies)
    Magnetizers are used to magnetize parts and charge magnets. There are several different types of magnetizing products. Choices include coil magnetizers, electronic capacitance switching (ECS) magnetizers, and yoke magnetizers. Coil magnetizers pass... Learn More
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    Magnetic Separator Components - (129 companies)
    There are five main magnetic separation component types: magnetic grates, plate magnets, magnetic traps, magnetic drums, and magnetic pulleys. Magnetic grates are used to remove ferrous tramp metal in bins, chutes, drawers, hoppers, and circular enclosures... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Litz Wire - (39 companies)
    Litz wires are constructed of individually insulated magnet wires that are either twisted or braided into a uniform pattern to minimize power loss. Litz wire is constructed of individually insulated magnetic wires that are either twisted or braided... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Motor Coils - (30 companies)
    ...high-energy, water-cooled coils; blowout, control and relay-signal coils; solenoid, transformer, reactor and choke coils; as well as brake and magnet coils. Some motor coils are foam-encapsulated in their cartons or crates to prevent damage during shipping. Learn More
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  • Shopping - Best Prices On The Neodymium Magnet 2" x 1" x 1/2" w/Countersunk Hole N42 Epoxy+Ni - Big Bruin
    Contact us for neodymium magnets wholesale Discount.
    The cost estimation of the machine uses the price of commercially available neodymium (NdFeB) magnets , and the wholesale price of copper and steel.
  • CR4 - Thread: My latest wind generator experiment!
    APPLIED MAGNETS- Neodymium Magnets -Rare Earth Magnets-Ceramic Magnets-Industrial Magnets-Magnets Wholesale To The Public .
  • Traffic Safety [Automotive Electronics]
    [Magnequench was established in Anderson, Indiana, in 1986 to produce neodymium iron boron (NdFeB) magnets for use in GM vehicles]. ’’ The operation was moved wholesale to China; the U.S. employ- ees were laid off [3].
  • Magnet Grade Chart
    Neodymium Ring Magnets Wholesale Information .
  • The M.I.T. wavelength project
    To analyse the various spectra of neodymium will require that the wavelengths of several thousand lhes be... ...installed in a new building ten years ago, attention was directed to devising wholesale methads of wave... ...also been greatly facilitated by the availability of a new type of electro- magnet developed by Professor...
  • Liberating Energy from Carbon: Introduction to Decarbonization
    In Brazil and Turkey, wind projects are successfully competing against fossil fuels in wholesale electricity markets without... The explosive growth of wind power may also face some material shortage challenges, in particular, rare-earth metals— neodymium (Nd) and dysprosium (Dy) used in permanent magnets (e.g., as Nd2Fe14B alloy).
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  • Prospects for Non-Rare Earth Permanent Magnets for Traction Motors and Generators
    Since the advent of high-flux density permanent magnets based on rare earth elements such as neodymium (Nd) or samarium (Sm), permanent magnet -type electric machines* are preferred over induction machines when weight and size are factors, such as in hybrid electric... adequate quantities to provide the volume of magnet product needed for a wholesale replacement of Nd...
  • Joint Thesaurus Part I (A-L) and Part II (M-Z)
    UFproducer price index UFwholesale price index BT1 prices RTretail prices wholesale sellers INIS: 1992-04-03; ETDE... ...INIS: 1993-11-10; ETDE: 2002-05-24 USE wackersdorf reprocessing plant WIGGLER MAGNETS INIS: 1999-07... ...NT1 lutetium 176 NT1 manganese 53 NT1 mercury 194 NT1 molybdenum 93 NT1 neodymium 144 NT1 neptunium...

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