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Parts by Number for Neon Lamp Top

Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
NEON LAMP(4MM) National Microchip Not Provided Not Provided Not Provided
LAMP National Microchip NEON Not Provided AMBER/ORANGE
LAMP National Microchip NEON Not Provided BI-PIN
LAMP National Microchip NEON-125V Not Provided Not Provided
NEON LAMP RED 6X12MM ASAP Semiconductor TAIWAN Not Provided WITH 100KOHM RESISTOR FOR 220V 30/41mm
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Conduct Research Top

  • Teccor Thyristors for Ignition of Fluorescent Lamps (.pdf)
    is a U-shaped bimetallic strip and a fixed post. When the line input current is applied, the voltage between the bimetallic strip and the fixed post is high enough to ionize and produce a glow similar to a standard neon lamp. The heat from the ionization causes the bimetallic strip to move and make
  • Indicators
    Incandescent miniature and subminiature lamps are used in applications requiring high brightness, a wide viewing angle, and a variety of display colors. Incandescent lamps generally provide between 6 and 50,000 mcd (millicandellas), while LEDs generally produce between 1 and 40 mcd. Neon lamps
  • Capacitor Testing Procedures
    with an accuracy of ±3% of full scale. Another form of arc detection may be improvised by using a small neon lamp with one terminal connected to the hot side of the capacitor under test and the other terminal of the lamp floating. The lamp will flash when the capacitor arcs. A contact microphone and audio
  • Selecting the Right Display for White Goods Applications
    an electro-mechanical device. Operated directly from the 110/220 VAC line, these older units used mechanical switches and solenoids to control their operation, with neon lamps for lighted indicators. All control functions were provided via these electromechanical components. Newer generations of white goods
  • - Circuits
    problems for SSRs. High initial surge current is drawn because their stationary impedance is usually very low and back EMF can also add to the applied line voltage and create 'overvoltage' conditions during turn off. Incandescent (tungsten filament) lamps have a high inrush current, but somewhat
  • Lighting the 21st century
    into a clear, solid acrylic light guide. It mimics neon and fluorescent tubes but doesn't require the associated high voltages and fragile glass. They've found uses in automotive applications such as the Lincoln Blackwood for truck bed illumination and in Toyota's Harrier SUV for interior console lighting
  • Design for Compliance - Get Through the Certification Process in the Least Amount of Time and for Minimal Cost
    935. Fluorescent - Lamp Ballasts Product Categories. UL 2108. Low Voltage Lighting Systems. UL 1104. Marine Navigation Lights. UL 2161. (Cold Cathode) Neon Transformers and Power Supplies. UL 1029. High-Intensity-Discharge Lamp Ballasts Product. UL 2388. Flexible Lighting Products. Categories. UL 1088
  • Phase Control Using Thyristors (.pdf)
    that we want to trigger an S2010L. devices used are neon bulbs, unijunction transistors, and. SCR with a 32 V trigger DIAC. A 0.1 μF capacitor will supply. three-, four-, or five-layer semiconductor trigger devices. the necessary SCR gate current with the trigger DIAC. Phase control of the output

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