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    Network Security Software - (80 companies)
    ...information technology (IT) personnel to scan, detect, assess, and correct potential security risks on computer networks. Uses. Network security software is also used for intrusion detection and intrusion prevention, network access control, software... Learn More
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    Network Security Platforms - (157 companies)
    Engineers (IEEE) 802.1 standards for network devices such as routers, hubs, switches, and network interface cards (NIC). Antivirus software is another critical application part of network security platforms. Typically, these applications typically... Learn More
  • Network Security Services-Image
    Network Security Services - (919 companies) attack, design and manage firewalls, and install and upgrade anti-virus software. Managed services include network intrusion prevention, host intrusion prevention, email encryption, email filtering, and firewall management. To prevent network... Learn More
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    Security Software - (477 companies)
    Antivirus software. Anti-spyware. Anti-phishing software. LAN/WAN security. Data encryption. Wireless network security. How it Works. Networks. Most network security software include packet sniffers and loggers for tracking potentially malicious traffic... Learn More
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    Anti-malware Software - (36 companies)
    ...consent. How Anti-Malware Software Works. Anti-malware software scans incoming network data for malware, and blocks or quarantines threats as they are encountered. Anti-malware software also facilitates the removal of any malicious code that has been... Learn More
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    Mobile and Wireless Software - (184 companies)
    Mobile and wireless software is used to program and manage mobile and wireless devices such as cell phones, personal digital assistants (PDA), and global positioning systems (GPS). System administrations and information technology (IT) personnel use... Learn More
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    Network Simulation Software - (29 companies)
    Network Simulation Software Information. Network simulation software is designed to model the potential behaviors of computer networks. These applications allow network engineers and other information technology (IT) personnel to simulate scenarios... Learn More
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    Network Monitoring Software - (234 companies)
    Network monitoring software is used to monitor network traffic for user-defined parameters. Network Monitoring Software Information. Network monitoring software is designed to capture statistical information about network protocols; traffic... Learn More
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    Impedance Matching Networks - (22 companies)
    Impedance matching networks are electrical circuits which, when connected between two networks, match the output impedance of the source (the first network) to the input impedance of the load (the receiving or second network). The purpose... Search by Specification | Learn More
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    Network Firewalls - (151 companies)
    Network firewalls protect computer networks against unauthorized use or attack. They permit or deny access to private network devices and applications, and represent an important part of an organization's overall security policy. Firewalls may... Search by Specification | Learn More
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  • An intrusion detection system based on WiMAX
    The experiments use two computers,one simulates the WiMAX network ,the other execute IDSBW,two computers have the same configuration: 2... ...speed is 7200 rls,operating system is Windows 2003,without any antivirus software ,the performance comparison is shown as Figure...
  • A Multivariate Adaptive Method for Detecting ARP Anomaly in Local Area Networks
    We presumed this as a motion from abnormal network to a more normal network .(Fig. 4 ) E. Comparison Between ARP ADA And Antivirus Softwares .
    ...minimum install of Windows XP usually boots in 30 seconds, but antivirus and network drivers delay such... The minimum memory requirements are quite astounding with 150 MBytes but the real-time antivirus software needs an additional 50 MBytes. In comparison a 3 year old production system needs 750 MByte, with additional restrictions that 32-bit...
  • Software platform virtualization in chemistry research and university teaching
    ...minimum install of Windows XP usually boots in 30 seconds, but antivirus and network drivers delay such... The minimum memory requirements are quite astounding with 150 MBytes but the real-time antivirus software needs an additional 50 MBytes. In comparison a 3 year old production system needs 750 MByte, with additional restrictions that 32-bit...
  • Computer Network Security
    A similar ap- proach, also utilizing system calls, is developed for the detection of network worms. Both techniques have the potential for detecting pre- viously unknown malicious software and significantly reducing computer resource... Unfortunately, in comparison with traditional sig- nature based antivirus software, both approaches have a much higher rate of false alarms.
  • A 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Graphically Based Electronic System for Clinical Research Documentation
    (b) ViceVersa Pro 2 is commercial software utilized which performs scheduled file and folder synchronization, replication, backup, and comparison over our LAN network . (c) Symantec antivirus corporate edition v. 10.1.6000.6 is commercial software employed on the main...
  • DigitalPersona Enters the Field of Notebook Data Protection and Remote Access Security with DigitalPersona Pro Enterprise the IT field security, which is fingerprint biometrics, two-factor virtual private network (VPN) authentication and... ...thereby making it easy to operate, economical, and concurrently reinforcing green practices, in comparison with other individual... This software jells with other fortification tools such as antivirus software and desktop firewalls that are already prevalent in the business.
  • Campus network security model study
    The Intrusion Detection System (IDS) that is a computer network system from a number of key points... Their work patterns and the same antivirus software , to establish the characteristics of database intrusion, compare the current user behavior and characteristics of database intrusion to determine whether a user is the legitimate user. ...establishment of normal activities, the activities of the current situation and the main comparison in normal mode...
  • Beginning SUSE Linux
    ...console, running BASH shell by means of, 200–201 virtual desktops switching between, 75 working with, 76–77 virtual devices, identifying in Konsole, 211 virtual files, identifying, 210–211 virtual PC software , features of, 29 viruses... ...for, 29 VNC (Virtual Network Computing), relationship to YaST2... ...setting, 268 wc command in BASH shell, example of, 481 web browser programs comparison between SUSE Linux... ...word processor, 144, 309 Agfa scanners, 111 AlsaPlayer MP3 and CD player, 145 antivirus programs, 118 Audacity...
  • SIRS: Internet Worm Propagation Model and Application
    Hosts that have been infected should apply the security update and update the antivirus software in time. Another simple way to prevent worm spread is to make the host disconnect from the network . For comparison , we take parameters γ0=0.22, 0.25, 0.28 (N=400 000, β0= 0...