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  • Telephones and Cellular Phones-Image
    Telephones and Cellular Phones - (551 companies)
    ...phones are larger and more expensive than other types of cellular phones, but can be equipped with a variety of software. Clamshell, or flip-style, phones protect a cell phone 's keypad from damage and are usually smaller than other types of mobile...
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    Network Security Software - (78 companies)
    Typically, connected computers must have updated anti-virus software, spyware protection, and a firewall. In terms of computer networking, a firewall is designed to prevent to unauthorized communications between different security domains...
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    Network Simulation Software - (27 companies)
    Network simulation software is designed to model the potential behaviors of computer networks. These applications allow network engineers and other information technology (IT) personnel to simulate scenarios without a test bed of networked computers...
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  • Network Monitoring Software-Image
    Network Monitoring Software - (202 companies)
    Network monitoring software is used to monitor network traffic for user-defined parameters. Network monitoring software is designed to capture statistical information about network protocols; traffic performance over bridges, routers, and ports...
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  • Handheld and Portable Computers-Image
    Handheld and Portable Computers - (406 companies)
    Handheld computers are portable devices including notebook and subnotebook computers, palmtops, and PDAs.
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    Network Firewalls - (133 companies) software applications, hardware devices (such as routers), or a combination of both. They include turnkey products that are relatively easy to install as well as complex, multi-layer installations that require the expertise of a certified network...
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    Network Cards and Network Controllers - (592 companies)
    Network cards and network controllers are expansion boards inserted into computers that allow them to connect to a network. They are also known as network interface cards (NIC) or network adapters. Network protocol, configuration, processor...
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    Network Security Services - (849 companies)
    ...and install and upgrade anti-virus software. Managed services include network intrusion prevention, host intrusion prevention, email encryption, email filtering, and firewall management. To prevent network intrusions, network security consultants...
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    Security Software - (441 companies)
    Antivirus software. Anti-spyware. Anti-phishing software. LAN/WAN security. Data encryption. Wireless network security. How it Works. Networks. Most network security software include packet sniffers and loggers for tracking potentially malicious traffic...
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    Network Switches - (704 companies)
    How to Select Network Switches. Image Credit: MilesTek Corporation. Network switches connect network devices to host computers and allow a large number of devices to share a limited number of ports. They increase network capacity and speed...
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  • An intrusion detection system based on WiMAX
    The experiments use two computers,one simulates the WiMAX network ,the other execute IDSBW,two computers have the same configuration: 2 … … speed is 7200 rls,operating system is Windows 2003,without any antivirus software ,the performance comparison is shown as Figure …
  • Computer Network Security
    Unfortunately, in comparison with traditional sig- nature based antivirus software , both approaches have a much higher rate of false alarms. To address this shortcoming the authors propose a method to search for evidence of the alarm propagation within the net- work .
  • A Multivariate Adaptive Method for Detecting ARP Anomaly in Local Area Networks
    We presumed this as a motion from abnormal network to a more normal network .(Fig. 4 ) E. Comparison Between ARP ADA And Antivirus Softwares .
  • Intrusion detection and Big Heterogeneous Data: a Survey
    … the ability to see trends and patterns of security data from a sin- gle point of view even though the security data can originate from diverse heterogeneous sources such as the network , end-user devices, servers, firewalls, antivirus systems, and intrusion prevention … According to Gartner [63] SIEM software sales was $976.4 million in 2012 with 27.5 percent growth, and for comparison the overall security software market grew from $17.7 billion in 2011 to $19.1 billion in 2012 as tracked by …
  • Collaborative Financial Infrastructure Protection
    Antivirus software , using specific scanners, provides protection against viruses and malicious code, such as worms and Trojan horses, by detecting and removing the malicious code and by preventing unwanted effects and repairing damage that may have resulted. … considered critical to either the organization or the operation of a computer, by comparing the state of … Virtual private networks (VPNs): use cryptography to establish a secure commu- nication link across unprotected networks (e …
  • Human Aspects of Information Security, Privacy, and Trust
    This section takes into account commonly-targeted Assets, such as networks , as well as Vulnerabilities like disabled antivirus software . … an individual acting as an insider, it is initially hard to draw a comparison with the case …
  • Journal of Cheminformatics | Full text | Software platform virtualization in chemistry research and university teaching
    A minimum install of Windows XP usually boots in 30 seconds, but antivirus and network drivers delay such fast boot times. … memory requirements are quite astounding with 150 MBytes but the real-time antivirus software needs an additional … In comparison a 3 year old production system needs 750 MByte, with additional restrictions that 32-bit …
    A minimum install of Windows XP usually boots in 30 seconds, but antivirus and network drivers delay such fast boot times. … memory requirements are quite astounding with 150 MBytes but the real-time antivirus software needs an additional … In comparison a 3 year old production system needs 750 MByte, with additional restrictions that 32-bit …
  • A 21 CFR Part 11 Compliant Graphically Based Electronic System for Clinical Research Documentation
    (b) ViceVersa Pro 2 is commercial software utilized which performs scheduled file and folder synchronization, replication, backup, and comparison over our LAN network . (c) Symantec antivirus corporate edition v. 10.1.6000.6 is commercial software employed on the main …
  • Campus network security model study
    … key points to collect information and analyze the information to see whether the network behavior and security … Their work patterns and the same antivirus software , to establish the characteristics of database intrusion, compare the current user behavior and characteristics of database intrusion to determine whether a user is the legitimate user. … establishment of normal activities, the activities of the current situation and the main comparison in normal mode …

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