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  • Get in Sync with the Latest Precision Time Protocol-IEEE 1588 v2
    to synchronize all the nodes in the power grid. The advent of Ethernet-enabled IEDs, merging units (MUs), and protection devices has prompted substation engineers to look to Ethernet protocols for new ways to synchronize their networks. Thanks to the IEEE 1588 v2 precision time protocol
  • Using Fiber Media Converters with Copper Networks (.pdf)
    the. network is up and running, if an active link is disconnected. accidentally, the STP/RSTP protocols will react by activating. one of the inactive links. The switches on the network monitor. the state of the links in the network by exchanging BPDUs. (Bridge Protocol Data Units) with other once every
  • White Paper: Better Network Management Through SNMP
    , more communications, more flexibility, more shared resource. availability, more desktop capabilities, more reliability. More everything except the standards that. have seemingly been left behind in the protected environment of the data center. Enter the Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP
  • Interface of Data Center Cooling Devices
    Protocol gateways from FieldServer Technologies, a division of Sierra Monitor Corporation, are used in computing data centers to provide the vital communication link to maintain the proper cooling temperature in the data center. FieldServer - Case Studies. Home. Products. Gateways
  • White Paper: The Always-On Network - Strategies for Achieving High Availabilty of IT Systems
    face growing. pressure to drive network availability. to unprecedented levels. At the same. time, Voice over Internet Protocol, radio. frequency identification, just-in-time. inventory, lean manufacturing and. point-of-sale integration are placing new. demands on networks - and the systems
  • White Paper: Power and Cooling Design Guidelines for Network Access Rooms
    Paper from the Experts. in Business-Critical ContinuityTM. Power and Cooling Design Guidelines for. Network Access Rooms. Introduction. Threat to Business Continuity. More powerful. For example, Voice over Internet Protocol. equipment generates. Network access and telecom rooms are. (VoIP) can change
  • How to Determine the Right Fiber Optic Network Backup Switch for Your Application (.pdf)
    Fiber optic network backup switches allow the users the capability of sharing a device/s connected to the COMMON port/s among devices connected to the (A, B, C, etc.)lettered or (1, 2, 3, etc.) numbered ports. The number of switch positions required will be related to how many devices or networks
  • Optical Fiber Waveguides Augment C4ISR Networks
    and classified network operation centers which must maintain information classification protocols and minimize boundary layer penetrations that could compromise the integrity of a hardened shelter. additionally, OFW® systems can be used in conjunction with optical switch technology for creating
  • ARINC 429 and 1553 Data Acquisition Application Note (.pdf)
    This app note describes and shows how leading aerospace manfacturers are testing aircraft, both military and civilian, utilizing ARINC 429 or 1553 data, recorded in sync with analog data, GPS, time code, and more. DEWETRON Data Acquisition Solutions a u t o m o t i v e. e n e r g y & P o w e
  • daqNet - A Better Way to Build a Data Acquisition System (.pdf)
    importantly, simplified system integration. daqNet is. a 1U, network attached, data acquisition server supporting up. Data is transferred over Ethernet using UDP which is a con-. to 192 channels of analog input. A complete sub-system, the. nectionless protocol. Since UDP does not guarantee delivery

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