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  • Network Security for Device Servers
    connections. Security-related features have become one of the main factors in device server selection. Sena Article - Network security for device servers. Network security for device servers. Kumar Nandi. Marketing Manager. Sena Technologies. (408) 262-6762. Device servers deliver the appropriate network
  • GPS Time & Frequency Systems
    serial time code or the RS-232. I/O port. Expansion modules are available providing such options as Network Time Server. (NTS) running Network Time Protocol (NTP), providing network time, T1 and/or E1 framed. and/or unframed telecommunications references, and additional sine wave/rate outputs. Model
  • Comapring Servers: The Role of Communications Servers and Enterprise Severs in Telcom Network Architectures (.pdf)
    , convergence of communications and. server chassis allows something not available with rack-. computing, and rapid application deployment, network based servers: account control. There is still no industry-. service providers are increasingly demanding—and NEPs managed standard form factor
  • Client/Server Terminology for Modbus TCP
    Modbus is a very simple protocol, and for that reason,. it is very widely used. The simplest topology consists of. a single master (or client), and a slave (server). Multiple. slaves or servers are typical, but having multiple clients. or masters can get very complicated, very quickly. This. paper
  • How to pick a Java application server
    of early adopters provide some practical guidelines. You can think of application servers as bridges, connecting the Web with existing back-end databases, transaction systems and business applications. More technically, an application server gives you three things: tools to build applications as a set
  • White Paper: Performance and Energy Advantages of Dell Energy Smart Servers and Liebert Cooling Systems
    server increased performance by 80% over. cent years and the power requirements to run those. previous generation servers while requiring only 60% of. servers have also increased. At the same time, servers. the power, resulting in a 200% increase in performance. are now available in form factors
  • Exceed onDemand--Server Deployment Overview (.pdf)
    Client-Server Connection, and it will provide the following benefits: • Reduce administrative overhead as there is only one server to manage. • Improve response time because communication between Exceed Connection. Server and X applications will take place internally within the server. • Deliver
  • Case Study - Southeastern Orthopedic Center Cools Servers Rooms with Tripp Lite's SRCOOL12k Portable AC Unit
    Owing to the heat of southern Georgia, CIO Robert Snipes set out to provide. cooling for small (10' x 10') server rooms, each of which house 2-3 servers. and a number of network devices, routers and switches. "Without a cooling. solution in place," he said, "the average temperature in the server

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