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In other words, if all of the analytical results are traceable to well-defined materials and methods, the results obtained will be the same, within a known margin of error. Traceability is envisioned as one way of obtaining consistent test results from laboratory to laboratory. It is often recognized...

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Chemical Feed Analyzers and Process Controllers
Included are a comprehensive step-by-step procedure guide, certificate of calibration and the easiest to use NIST traceable standards ever.
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Table of Content
NIST Calibration Program Calibration Services Users Guide SP 250 Appendix Fee Schedule - February 2012 Calibration Services: Dimensional Mechanical
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New SP 250-41 Revision 2006
Key Words: calibration; detector; measurement; photodiode; photodetector; power responsivity; quantum efficiency; radiometry; spectral; standard;
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PII: S0034-4257(00)00195-4
At Ivanpah Playa, a spectrometer was used to determine the surface reflectance and a sun photometer used to obtain the optical depth.

AIRS Algorithm Theoretical Basis Document Level 1B Part 1:...
2.1. Instrument Overview 8 2.2. Calibration Devices 8 3. Radiometric Calibration 3.1 Radiometric Calibration Equation 13 1. Gain Calculation 14 2.

Ozone Transfer Standard Multi-Gas Calibrator
The ozone generator is factory calibrated using a NIST traceable photometer standard. Service Agreement Calibration Services
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Revision No.: 8 Date: October 8, 2001 Page i of vi GENERIC...
documentation, analytical methods and data collection requirements, calibration procedures and references, and specifies the QA and quality control

G:\USER\SHARE\shanis\AMTICTTP SOPs1105\TTPSOPSection 1.wpd
3.0 Calibration Checks (Verifications) and Procedures NPEP TTP-3.01 3.7.0 PROCEDURE 3.7.1. Quarterly "OZONE LINE LOSS" Start-up Procedure 3.7.2.

Service & Repair - Ecotech - Environmental Monitoring...
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New Products August/September 1999
GMW Associates is distributing Sentron bridges and instruments for NIST-traceable powered by a 12-V dc power source.

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