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Textural properties of densified aerogels
Abstract: Silica aerogels were subjected to isostatic pressure using a Hg porosimeter.

A meso-macroporous borosilicate monolith prepared by a...
And a bimodal porosity was investigated by SEM, mercury porosimeter and nitrogen adsorption???desorption experiments.

HUT Laboratory of Building Materials Technology
Mercurial Porosimeter (MIP) Al-Neshawy.

CE Elantech - Pascal Porosimeter New Pressurization System for...
Flash 2000 Nitrogen / Protein Analyzer Flash 4000 Nitrogen / Protein Analyzer
See CE Elantech, Inc. Information

Materials Processing Laboratory | School of Materials Science...
A Quantachrome Autosorb-1 BET, nitrogen surface area analyzer is available for both surface area and fine pore characterization.

[No Title]
adsorption, chemisorption, mercury porosimetry, mercury intrusion, porosimeter, chromatography, elemental, analysis, surface area, bulk density, pore

Analytical Research Group (ARG) | EMS Energy Institute
Varian CP3800  - Nitrogen and phosphorus detection (NPD) Quantachrome Mercury Porosimeter  - Pore volume analyses

Hampton University
Nitrogen laser Digital oscilloscopes, digital camera Quantachrome autoscan porosimeter Quantachrome pycnometer

DOE/BC/15207-1 (OSTI ID: 807245) Experimental Investigation of...
A fractal micro-model filled with silicone oil and nitrogen gas.


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