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Part # Distributor Manufacturer Product Category Description
TGCN Global Industrial Uniweld Products, Inc. Not Provided Nitrogen Tank Contents Test Gauge
VBADUK02140 Radwell Smc Not Provided NITROGEN TANK
TNK400X75 Radwell Hyson Pneumatics, Pneumatic Accessories NITROGEN GAS SPRING TANKER XP SERIES STROKE .75IN

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  • How the Waterloo Biofilter System Removes Nitrogen
    in the septic tank and in the Biofilter medium. It is important to emphasize that the microbes that are responsible for nitrogen removal are very sensitive to temperature (cold weather), alkalinity (hardness) of the sewage and disinfectant chemicals that are added to the system.
  • Treating Higher Strength Commercial Sewage For Disposal Or Re-use
    . Consistency is important for nitrogen removal, for difficult disposal sites, and for irrigation or toilet re-use. The standard process includes an exterior grease trap, septic tanks with effluent filters, surge flow storage in the pump tank, timed dosing to Waterloo Biofilter trickle filters
  • MICRO:Products in Action (July '99)
    -long station with one acid tank, three rinse tanks, and a hot nitrogen drying station, " says Audrey
  • Magnetic Drive Sealless Pump Smooths Caustic Unloading Operation (Chemical Processing : May 1990)
    The Ethyl Corp. Petroleum Additives Div., Suaget, Ill. Plant receives 50% caustic (sodium hydroxide) raw material by tank trucks. The caustic was formerly unloaded from truck to storage tank by using nitrogen to pressurize the tank truck, providing a flow rate of 40 gpm. Their objective
  • Liqui-Cel (R) Membrane Contactors Improve Performance of Megasonic Cleaning (.pdf)
    in the system setup. First, a system containing Liqui-Cel Contactors could be located in the polishing loop. Here the typical dissolved gas requirement is less than 1 ppb for O2 and around 3 ppm for N2. Second, a Nitrogen blanketed tank could be located in the polishing loop. The typical dissolved
  • Kori Nuclear Power Plant Uses Liqui-Cel (R) Membrane Contactors for Liquid Degassing (.pdf)
    is continuously recirculated through the membrane contactor system in an effort to keep the dissolved oxygen level low. Dissolved oxygen is controlled to very low levels in this system in order to prevent corrosion of piping and equipment. Dissolved nitrogen is also controlled to prevent the formation of Carbon
  • Invention could solve bottleneck in developing pollution-free cars
    , they only work at temperature extremes which are difficult to engineer into ordinary vehicles, says Weller. Metal hydrides only work above 300 C and metal organic framework materials only work at liquid nitrogen temperatures -198 C). The University of Bath researchers, however, discovered a new
  • Advanced Oxidation Ditch Performance (.pdf)
    from an existing ditch where floating brush aerators have been installed will be presented. Most oxidation ditches are designed to achieve CBOD removal and nitrification. However, many NPDES permits may become more restrictive in the future with respect to the discharge of total nitrogen or total

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