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  • Designing Heat Meters Using PIC16F9XX Microcontrollers
    = 3.751343 kg energy dissipated in the building by the hot water 3 3 3 1 m of water = 1,000,000 cm x 0.991 gram/cm radiators. To measure this energy consumption, the x 1kg/1000 grams = 991 kg heat meter must measure three parameters: * Incoming temperature of water The most common residential water meters
  • What Are dB, Noise Floor & Dynamic Range?
    of background noise in a signal, or the level of noise introduced by the system, below which the signal that’s being captured cannot be isolated from the noise. Figure 1. As shown in Figure 1 the noise floor is better than -120 dB. Figure 2 shows that only signals above the noise floor can
  • Flow Induced Noise Emanating from Evaporator Tube Plates (.pdf)
    the noise?. components of the climate control system was carried. How does heating the tube plate to boil the liquid. Electronic. Expansion. Mass Flow. Evaporator. Valve. refrigerant affect the noise?. Meter. Pressure. Regulating Valve. Custom Built. How does the presence of lubricant affect
  • Low Phase Noise VCO Design for PCS Handset Applications
    Power (dBm). POUT. -2. -0.5 0. Pushing Figure (MHz/V). 3.8. -. < 2. Pulling Figure (MHz). SWR = 2, for all phases. 0.90. -. < 2. Phase Noise (dBc/Hz). @ 10 kHz. -91. -91. -90. Table 1. Typical Characteristics for PCS Handset VCOs. Skyworks Solutions, Inc. • Phone [781] 376-3000 • Fax [781] 376-3100
  • Vortex Flowmeter Selection
    the technology of vortex flow meters and the specifications of the Clark Solutions vortex product line. Our goal is to ensure that the vortex meter you select meets the requirements of your specific application. RVL Vortex Flowmeters Technical Bulletin Clark Solutions. INSTRUMENTATION > FLOW
  • Optical Metrology for Large Telescope Optics
    creates yet another challenge for metrology systems. Figure 1. Measurement of large optics, such as this 8 meter primary mirror. for the Large Binocular Telescope Observatory, requires metrology systems. that can function despite vibration, turbulence and other challenges. (Courtesy R. Bertram and LBTO
  • Medical Device Link .
    )Figure 2. The input voltage noise versus frequency for the LMP7731 op amp. Suppose you want to approximate the peak-to-peak (0.1 10 Hz) voltage noise using a bipolar input op amp such as National Semiconductor's LMP7731. First choose a point in the frequency range within the specified band
  • Building a Robust Path for Virtual Wind Turbine Design
    at a distance of 130-150 meters. At average wind speed, wind turbine noise only drowns out wind turbulence, vegetation and/or traffic noise that are present in the background by approximately 10-15 dBA. Specific tonal noise components occur as a result of dynamic forces that come into play inside the gearbox

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