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  • Orange County Water District Trusts Sievers TOC in Groundwater Replenishment System
    . Challenges. The organic levels in the GWR System vary greatly from one. end of the process to the other. The water treated by the. System, secondary wastewater effluent, has a TOC value of 15. ppm. The first step, microfiltration (MF), only provides a nominal. reduction to approximately 10 ppm TOC
  • General Industry Solenoid Valves Installation and Troubleshooting
    Check that the coil supplied with the valve has the correct voltage and current required. If not, replace it with the adequate coil without changing the valve. The allowed voltage variation that does not affect the performance of the valve is -15% to +10% of the nominal voltage for AC. Technical
  • FAQs > Diodes
    Maximum Storage and Operating Temperature. Using parallel resistors and capacitors across diodes. Dimensions - nominal, max., and min. MTBF for MD90FF18 and similar diodes. Space level diodes. Mounting K25UF epoxy diode to PCB. Polarity testing. High Temp Plastic Diodes. I 2T. Series and parallel
  • What Does "Equalize" Charging Do, and Why is it Needed?
    confused that there are chargers offered at 120 volt, 125 volts and 130 volts nominal. What is the difference? Q: I find the many different terms used with lead-acid batteries confusing. Can you clarify them? Q: I am using two 12-volt batteries in series in a 24-volt system. I have a 12-volt constant
  • Medical Device Link . Spotlight on Cables and Connectors
    than 50 years' experience producing x-ray tubes in nominal voltages ranging from 50,000 to 450,000 V recently launched a low-noise 75-kV cable. EMDM: Spotlight on Cables and Connectors (May/June 2000). Skip to : [Content] [Navigation]. Medical Device Link. The Online Information Source for the Medical
  • ZR Marx Capacitor Life Test And Production Statistics
    originally installed in. this large pulse power machine, doubling the energy within the same volume, and permitting the use of. existing Marx hardware. Low inductance (< 30nH), high peak current (170 kA nominal rating), and reliable. lifetimes were basic requirements that eliminated alternative
  • Medical Device Link .
    of these are generally classified as prefilters because they usually have only a nominal filtration rating. Their fibrous structure does not present a structured pore dimension. Also members of this prefilter category are coarse-sintered materials made from metallic powder or plastic beads, whose pore
  • Rotary Metal Chip Drying System
    EnviroAir furnished a custom metal chip drying system for drying and de-oiling chips from an aluminum machining operation. The chips are created from, and used for the manufacturing of pistons in the automotive industry. The model discussed in this article has a nominal production capacity of 1000
  • Smart Battery Charger with SMBus Interface
    . The first seven bits after the start. When charge in the Smart Battery (SB) drops below. sequence is the battery address. The R/W tells the. 85% of the nominal capacity, it initiates communication. charger that the battery attempts to write to the charger. over the SMBus every 64 seconds. After
  • The "no blip " power supply
    capacity to handle turn-on current as part of its normal load. But this means the supply operates well below its rating for nominal output current most of the time. The expense associated with this unused capacity makes the approach uneconomical in this day and age of scarce resources. Power supplies

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